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Incense Making Classes


Have you ever wondered how traditional incense is made? Come take one of Best Living Japan’s Incense Making Classes. You’ll learn all about the natural ingredients the instructor uses in her blends before you get to make your very own incense. She’ll teach you the tricks of making a unique and memorable scent. By the end you’ll have designed a personalized sachet, incense pastille and cone shaped incense with 100% pure sandalwood and other traditional aromas. At the end, she will serve green tea with Japanese sweets while you discuss about experience our creations. All Incense Making Classes are 7,500 JPY + 8% JP consumption tax. Click here for discount voucher information. Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for August-December 2018 courses.

2018 September-December Incense Making


Incense making classes tokyo, Best living japan studio classesTBD 
Cone shaped incense (burning type incense) with gift wrapping.

*All materials will be provided, and incense made in class is yours to take home.

2018 September-December Incense Making Classes

Teachers Introduction

Incense making classes tokyo, Best living japan studio classes


Ms. Tatsuko Satoi: Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the way smells can change our moods. I left my busy career in IT to pursue my passion in aromatherapy. Since then I have become a Kohshi, a certified incense instructor, in order to help others relax.


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