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ikebana classes

While our home serves as a sanctuary, it is only just that we also put efforts into making and keeping it a peaceful and comfortable place. In olden times, people believe that the house as a structure is not enough for this purpose. They use plants especially flowers to enhance the balance of life and energy as well as brighten up their souls.  Sharing the same principles, this short course aims to help make our homes a happier place to live and relax through Ikebana – the Japanese flower art. Throughout the course, you will learn the different principles, techniques, and methods of Sogetsu School of Ikebana, to help you create easy-to-do flower arrangements that can be used on daily basis and for special occasions. All Ikebana Classes are 5,000 JPY+ 8% JP consumption tax. Click here for discount voucher information. Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for August-December 2018 courses.

2018 September-December Ikebana Classes

Summer- Ikebana ClassesTUE. September 11


Refreshing Summer

Learn how to make a summer-themed Ikebana using a
Moribana container (shallow with wide opening container).

All materials will be provided and you will take home your flowers.

Autumn Ikebana ClassesTUE. October 16
Colors of Autumn

Bring warmth inside your home by creating an Ikebana
highlighting the beauty of autumn colors

All materials will be provided and you will take home your flowers.

Thanksgiving- Ikebana ClassesTUE. November 20


Thanksgiving Feast

Create a festive centerpiece by learning some Morimono
techniques (use of flowers, fruits, and vegetables) for the
family Thanksgiving Dinner.

All materials will be provided and you will take home your flowers.

Holidays Ikebana ClassesTUE. December 4


Merry Holidays

Sprinkle some holiday cheers inside your home through
Yuletide-inspired Ikebana arrangement.

All materials will be provided and you will take home your flowers.

Introduction to the teacher

Anna Budich; ikebana 101Anna Budich is a licensed Ikebana teacher under the Sogetsu School of Ikebana with a
Third Level Degree (Sankyu Shihan) certificate. Since 2013, she has participated in the
Annual Ikebana Exhbition at Seishincho Community Center in Edogawa under Eiko
Takayama-sensei. She has also organized her own exhibitions together with a pottery artist
in Tokyo (November 2016) and in Yokohama (August 2017). In addition to this, Anna has
more than 10 years experience as a florist for weddings and special events in Manila,
Philippines before coming to Japan in 2012.


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