Ikea Lack Side Table Hack

Ikea Lack Side Table Hack – Washi Side Table (Family Craft)

We needed a simple but bright side table for our kid’s corner, so we did a quick Ikea Lack side table hack. The Lack side table runs between 999-1,500 yen depending on Ikea sales. We had a beat-up black one that was floating around the house so we repurposed it into a cute washi-covered side table. This project will take about 2-3 hours work time if you do with a child, and about 6-12 hours of drying time. We did steps 1-4 on one day and then steps 5-10 on the second day to make sure everything completely dried. If you like the look of this hack, check out our Washi Shoji project.

Ikea Lack Side Table Hack – Washi Side Table (Family Craft)

Materials Needed

1. One Ikea Lack side table – any color is fine (available at Ikea Japan)
2. Sandpaper – Here is a good option from Amazon.co.jp
3. Outdoor paint – Here is the brand we used. 0.4L is enough for the legs of the table. Various colors on Amazon.co.jp
4. 3 paint brushes – one for paint, one for glue and one for varnish – Here is a good option on Amazon.jp
5. Glue – inexpensive kids paper glue is great – Here is a good option on Amazon.co.jp
6. One large sheet of your favorite Washi – Our favorite stores are Itoya and Ozu Washi
7. Scissors or cutting knife
8. Varnish – Good option here – you might need to buy two.

Ikea Lack Side Table Hack Steps

Ikea Lack Side Table HackStep 1: Sand down the entire table until the shine has been removed from the table.

Step 2: Lightly dust off with a moist rag, then let the table dry completely.

Step 3. Unscrew the legs so, there is a small gap between the top of the table and the legs. This makes it easier for little helpers to paint.

Ikea Lack Side Table HackStep 4. Paint the legs the desired color you want. You will need two coats. If you are doing two-tone, allow the first color to dry completely before applying 2nd color.

Step 5. Lay washi on top of the table and chose the direction of the pattern before cutting. Make sure to cut a square which allows the sides to be wrapped and about 2 cms additional to glue under the edge of the sides. Go big, since you can always cut later.

Step 6. Apply glue with paintbrush, and then starting in one corner lay the washi down. As you gradually let down the washi make sure to push out any bubbles. If bubbles remain, you can pop the bubbles with a pin and push out before the glue has finally dried.

Step 7. Apply glue to the sides one at at time. You will complete corners as you would make a bed – cutting a slit in the paper at the corner will help Ikea Lack Side Table Hackthe washi lay flat.

Step 8.  Flip the table over and glue the last edges under the edges of the table –  1-3 cms is good. If you want a very finished look, you can also apply  washi to the underside of the table or paint.

Step 9. Once the paper has completely dried with glue (this may take a few hours or overnight depending on the weigh of the washi), take a paint brush and apply a coat of the varnish.

Step 10. Once the varnish is complete screw the legs completely back in – enjoy!


Ikea Lack Side Table Hack***********

Ikea Lack Side Table HackIkea Lack Side Table Hack – Washi Side Table (Family Craft)


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