How to Redeliver a Japan Post Package

I love the quick and efficient delivery system in Japan however sometimes we`re not home during the day to retrieve the package, and some may have issues reading/calling to redeliver the mail. Japan Post makes it easy to redeliver packages using their English-language call option but the wait to connect to an operator can be long and they charge a premium rate. We`ll save you time and money by walking you through the Japan Post redelivery site.

Go to the Japan Post Webpage then find and click 再配達のお申し込み / Request a redelivery (Located at the bottom right of the website image)

Japan Post Website
Request Redelivery
 Bottom Selection







Scroll down the page till you see the first red box with the number one. Insert your postal code without dashes then move to the next red box with the number two.

The box on the left is for tracking numbers (追跡番号) and the right is for notice numbers(お知らせ番号). Tracking numbers consist of 11-13 digits and notice numbers consist of 6-8 digits. Insert the tracking number in the appropriate box without the dashes.

In the next section (red box with the number three) select the date package was delivered to your home.

You`ll have to look closely at the fourth section. If your package had a tracking number (追跡番号), select one of the options in the top section (Categories: Mail – Yu-Pack – International Mail – Other). If it’s a notice (お知らせ番号), select one in the lower section (Categories: Mail – International Mail – Other). You can usually find the type on your JP Post notice.

In the Fifth box select the delivery destination:
– One`s Home
– Deliver to your neighbor
– Deliver to your office
– Pick up at the post office assigned to deliver
– Pick up at another post office

Then click 次へ進む (proceed / next).

redeliver a japan post

Select your redelivery date & time. Then add phone number, name, email address and special request if any. Then click 次へ進む (proceed / next).


It will take you to a screen with confirmation number, date and time of delivery requested. Voila!


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How to Redeliver a Japan Post Package


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