Toddler Travel Bag

How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag

If you have a toddler and are traveling soon, empower your toddler to be independent by pulling their travel bag, here are some tips on How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag.  Our four year old started carrying her travel bag (carry-on) travel bags last year, and responsibly pulled it the entire trip. She did a great job, and it made the entire trip much more pleasant for all of us.

Over the past 16 years and many international trips, I have learned not to overpack and only to take items that are How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bagessential for entertainment, medical, and comfort. The key to packing is to 1. organize, 2. pack only what can fit in a bag your child can pull, and 3. take items that have proven to entertain your child but that you will not mind losing along the way.  When we have long flights, I will visit the 100-yen store a few days before and buy a surprise for each hour of the flight and wrap. The kids love getting something new each hour they are awake, plus you don’t mind losing or leaving the items behind on the plane.

Sharing our packing tips with you. Happy traveling!

How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag

Packing Items

1. one child size travel bag with wheels (carry-on)

2. one doll

3. two shirts

How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag
Clothing and comfort

4. two pants (bottoms)

5. one jacket fleece

6. light weight blanket

7. child size headphones

8. extra sippy cup (Mom carries another)

How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag
Wellness items

9. medical kit – bandaids, cut antiseptic, fever medicine and cough medicine, syringe for medicine (don’t bother with cups or spoons which dribble), child size face mask, forehead fever reducing patch,  hydration power (add to water in case of diarrhea)

10. six diapers and package of wipes (one diaper for every 3 hours). Don’t try to toilet training while on the plane.

11. one fun work book

12. bag of old crayons and markers

13. stick of glue

14. notebook for scribbling

15. couple crackers

16. bag of washi tape (great for wrapping around plastic and paper cups on the airplane)

17. sticker sheets

18. some origami paper for folding, colouring gluing and taping

How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag
Packed bag

19. two small towels for mistakes and spills

20. (not show) – two plastic shopping bags for wet and dirty items


How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag


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  1. Plastic bags are “must” . I have 5 years old daughter and I have never traveled with her without plastic bags. Thank you for sharing this useful article! Best regards!

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