Tokyo Hot Summers – How To Keep Your Kids Cool

Now that the rainy season is official over the temps in Japan are rising quickly.  Here are some tips on Tokyo Hot Summers – How To Keep Your Kids Cool.  Protect yourself and your little ones by practicing sun and heat stroke safety.  Stay cool and safe! Check our Japan protection guides on mosquitos, sunscreen and rain.

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Tokyo Hot Summers – How To Keep Your Kids Cool

  • Coconut WaterWater. Always carry and drink plenty of water.
  • Carry mini spray bottles with cool water in it in case you might be out for longer than planned. The light mist will provide a quick cool down. You can find spray bottles at your local 100 yen shop or pharmacy.
  • Dress yourself and the kids in loose fitting, light-colored clothing. Carry an extra set of clothes and a plastic bag. The plastic bag is to carry the wet/sweaty clothes.
  • Sun Hats are one of thTokyo Hot Summers - How To Keep Your Kids Coole best items to buy in Japan because of the great selection and prices. Stock-up for the entire family.
  • Purchase stroller gel packs to keep your little one cool. If you’re carrying your baby, purchase the individual get pack. I placed one in my ergo baby carrier pocket to cool my baby in hot weather. *Instructions on how to use the stroller gel pack is at the end of this post.
  • Carry a sweat towel. Everyone carries one around to dry their hands; carry an extra one to wipe off sweat.
  • Tokyo Hot Summers - How To Keep Your Kids CoolUse a parasol or sun umbrella for extra protection from the sun.
  • Take your kids to a park with shade or water play or a pool in the early morning and spend the hot afternoon at a mall, indoor playcenter, library, etc.
  • Carry Mosquito patches and repellant for your kids. Mosquitos are out and biting! Protect yourself with mosquito bite prevention and aid.
  • When walking outdoors, take a break in a convenient store, supermarket, department store, etc. They all carry cold drinks and are a great place to take a break and cool down.
  • Carry a sweatshirt/light blanket. Malls, restaurants and supermarkets are a refreshing break from the heat, but can get cold when wearing summer clothing. Protect your little ones from getting too cold.
  • Take a quick shower when you get home. It removes the icky feeling and will also wake you up.
  • PopsicleCool off with homemade popsicles. We cut up fresh fruit and freeze in Coconut Water. The kids love it! Or try something one of our favorite ice-cream shops! . Your local convenient store and supermarket also sell all types of ice cream.
  • I keep bottles of infant ion water around the house in case my kids catch a stomach bug, and when they`re looking dehydrated. Adults drink Aquarius/Pocari Sweat to replenish the ions/electrolytes lost during the super hot summer months. They can be found at any local convenient store. Infant ion water can be found at most pharmacies.
  • If you can spend late July and August out side of the city at the beach, the mountains or overseas.Tokyo Hot Summers - How To Keep Your Kids Cool
  • Stay cool with your kids and always remember to carry mosquito repellant, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.

*Stroller Gel Pack instructions:

Place the gel packs in the freezer for about 12 hours. Tie the Stroller Gel Pack Carrier to your Stroller / Pram. When the gel packs have frozen, insert them into the pockets – the smaller pack in the top pocket and the larger on in the bottom. Place them back in the freezer when done. They`ll keep your child cool for hours.

How to keep your kids cool in Summer Stroller Gel Packs
Stroller Gel Packs
How to keep your kids cool in Summer Stroller Gel Packs front
Stroller Gel Packs carrier front view
How to keep your kids cool in Summer Stroller Gel Packs Carrier Back
Stroller Gel Packs Carrier Back View
Stroller Gel pack
Stroller Gel package









Tokyo Hot Summers – How To Keep Your Kids Cool

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