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Hourly Day Care (Ichiji Hoiku)

I was informed by my Japanese friend that a few Tokyo Metropolitan Government certified nurseries offer “ichiji hoiku” (hourly day care) at ¥500/hour (the rate for the ones I visited in Meguro-ku). I couldn`t believe it; ¥500/hour to leave your child with extremely nice and highly trained teachers, in a caring and nurturing environment, all the while being immersed in the Japanese language – awesome! I can`t speak nor read Japanese so I had my friend walk me through the process. Note this is the process for a day care in Meguro-ku. The process may very depending on your area and day care.

Hourly Day Care (Ichiji Hoiku)

1) Get a list of certified hoikuens (day cares) that provide ichiji hoiku (hourly day care) from your local ward office.

2) Contact the hoikuen for a tour. If you like it, sign up for ichiji hoiku.

3) Fill out their application form (name, address, contact number, emergency contact number, reason for signing up), information about your child (name, birthdate, number of potties/poops per day, what type of food they eat, allergies, their demeanor).

4) Call the day care at their reservation call time to reserve a date. “ichiji hoiku onegaishitai no desuga. [date] & [time] wo onegaishimasu”

* You can only reserve a date from 10 days after the day you call.
* You can only reserve two days in one week and it must be for more than 3 hours per day (times vary on the hoikuen)
* No drop offs between 12:30-2:30pm as it is nap time (time varies depending on the hoikuen)

* ¥500/hour + lunch + snacks (costs vary on the hoikuen)
* Late fee charge: ¥250 every half hour (depends on the hoikuen)
* Cancellation: 100% of the fee is due the day you cancel, 50% if you cancel the day before.

Items to take with your child: 2 bath towels (for nap time), extra clothes (all labeled with your child`s name), extra diapers, a bib, a large plastic bag for dirty clothes & outdoor clothing for walks (hat, coat, shoes). Items vary depending on the hoikuen.

Note the hoikuens that offer this service get booked fast. Good luck!

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Hourly Day Care (Ichiji Hoiku)



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