Hitotsugi Park

Hitotsugi Park Playground (Akasaka, Tokyo)

Hitotsugi ParkHitotsugi Park (一ツ木公園) lies nestled behind the TBS Broadcasting Center (TBS放送センター) in Akasaka. It`s a clean and quiet park playground with a large open space surrounded by greenery. You can find many office workers having a peaceful lunch on one of the many benches here during the work week. The playground park is located next to a nursery school and is surrounded by a variety of different trees and a handful of cherry trees. I can imagine it beautiful mid-Spring – a great spot to enjoy cherry blossoms. There is also covered seating, benches that surround the park, restrooms and bicycle parking.

Hitotsugi Park Playground has the following equipment:
Hitotsugi Park– Two swings
– Two climbing equipment (one for toddlers the other for kids aged 3-13 years)
– Two exercise bars
– Three slides (one on the toddler equipment; two on the other)
– One Spring Rider
– One playground roundabout
– Enclosed sandbox with community toys

A great day itinerary is to visit one of the many events at Akasaka Sacas; currently the family-friendly Mama Sacas event, grab lunch at one of the restaurants in the area then spend a quiet afternoon at the park. You could also take a short 13 minute walk to visit Tokyo Midtown – a family-friendly paradise.

Hitotsugi ParkHitotsugi Park Playground Details:

Address: 5-5-26 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (港区赤坂五丁目5番26号)
Phone:  03-5413-7015
Access: 4 minutes from Akasaka Station; 12 minutes from Tameike Sanno Station.
Notes: Diaper changing table and baby chair available in the restroom.

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Hitotsugi Park Hitotsugi Park Hitotsugi Park Hitotsugi Park


Hitotsugi Park Playground, Akasaka

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