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Hibiya Line Elevator Guide

Hibiya Line Elevator GuideI find it troublesome to look for elevators when I`m at a station and the train car map (map displaying elevators, escalators, stairs, transfers & exits – photo below) isn`t always easy to find. To remedy this, I`ve listed the train car for the Hibiya line that will stop closest to the elevator. I hope it helps you on your journey.

Hibiya Line Elevator Guide

HIBIYA LINE Transfer Guide (In Japanese only)

H-01: Nakameguro                Car 7
H-02: Ebisu                             Car 3
H-03: Hiroo                             Stairs Only
H-04: Roppongi                     Towards Kita-Senju  Car 6
Towards Nakameguro  Car 7

H-05: Kamiyacho                   Car 1
H-06: Kasumigaseki              Car 1
H-07: Hibiya                            Between Cars 6 & 7
H-08: Ginza                             Between Cars 4 & 5
H-09: Higashi-ginza               Between Cars 4 & 5
H-10: Tsukiji                            Car 7
H-11: Hatchobori                    Escalator Car 1
H-12: Kayabacho                     Car 4
H-13: Ningyocho                    Towards Kita-Senju Stairs Only
Towards Nakameguro Between Cars 2 & 3
H-14: Kodemmacho               Between Cars 2 & 3
H-15: Akihabara                      Car 1
H-16: Naka-okachimachi        Escalator Car 4
H-17: Ueno                               Towards Kita-Senju Between Cars 6 & 7
Towards Nakameguro Car 4
H-18: Iriya                                Towards Kita-Senju Car 1
Towards Nakameguro Stairs only
H-19: Minowa                           Car 8
H-20: Minami-Senju                Car 1
H-21: Kita-Senju                      Car 1

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Hibiya Line Elevator Guide

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