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How to Survive Hay Fever / Pollen Season in Japan

Living in Japan for a few years now we`ve never experienced allergies – until recently. If you`re suffering from excessive sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose or a scratchy throat you might be experiencing an allergy from the pollen of the Japanese cedar, or sugi tree – or as the Japanese would say kafunsho (花粉所)/hay fever.  To help deal with the pollen this season I listed the pollen forecast, ways to protect yourself from pollen as well as ways to reduce the overall contact you have with pollen

Click here for a week-long outlook of our local hay fever / pollen levels. Note: The site is in Japanese. Here`s a brief explanation on how to read the forecast. A chart, similar to the one above, will display the pollen counts for Tokyo (Chiyoda-ku 千代田区 and Hachioji 八王子市). The first entry3月2日()displays a photo of a tree and 2 blue pollen balls for Chiyoda-ku, the やや多い means relatively large pollen count. The one below that, Hachioji, displays a tree with 2 green pollen balls, the 多い means a lot of pollen. Please find the Pollen Scale and translation below.

How to survive Hay Fever / Pollen season in Japan

Pollen Range:
1) 開始前:kaishimae: Pollen hasn`t been released yet.
2) 少ない: sukunai: A little
3) やや多い: yaya ooi: A good amount
4) 多い: ooi: A lot
5) 非常に多い:hijyoni ooi: Extreme
6) ほぼ終了:hobo shuryo: Pollen season is almost over.

Or you can check the Allergy Forecast for Tokyo in ENGLISH on AccuWeather.

If the pollen is too much for you, try the following recommendations:
1) Wear a mask, particularly the Unicharm face mask.
2) Wear glasses/goggles
3) Take antihistamines
4) Try the Fumakilla Pollen nose block
5) Acupuncture

Lastly, to reduce the overall amount of contact you have with pollen try the following:

1) Brush off the pollen from your jacket before entering your home
2) Dry your laundry indoors
3) Wipe floors with a damp mop — a vacuum cleaner will spread the pollen

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How to Survive Hay Fever / Pollen season in Japan



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