Hanegi Park

Hanegi Park (Setagaya, Tokyo) – Three Super Fun Experiences in One Park

Hanegi Park (羽根木公園) in Setagaya-Ku is one of the best kids parks in Tokyo. A great place for kids to enjoy the playground, maze, and hands-on “dirt park.”  This park allows for kids to be kids, experiment a bit with “dangerous” tools and get dirty….just be kids.  Expect to spend a couple of hours. There is a kiosk that sells light snacks and drinks, but we recommend bringing an obento to enjoy on one of the many benches. If you are looking for other “adventure mud parks” to dig and build, check out our Mud park list here. 

Hanegi Park Hanegi Park, Setagaya-Ku – Three Super Fun Experiences in One Park

You can reach Hanegi Park from Shibuya on the Inokashira Line (six stops in the local train); from the station, it is a 5 min walk.When you enter the park you will find great kids park with a padded ground on the left side. Perfect for little kids who still need a soft Hanegi Parklanding. There is a twirly globe, a soft blobby hello mound that little ones love trying to climb in bare feet, swings, slides and a tiger to ride on. Don’t use all your energy at the playground because you still have to enjoy the maze and “dirt park.”

You also can enjoy Japanese Radio Calisthenics in the summer months.

The maze park is great in size and height. The walls are on average about 100- 140 centimeters high so your nursery and early elementary kids will feel the thrill, but parents can track with raised hands.

After enjoying the maze head over to the “dirt park” which is perfect for ages 5+. At the “dirt park,” your child can hammer and cut wood, make a fort, dig a big hole and play in the mud, swing from and climb trees and even learn how to Hanegi Parklight a fire pit. The Hanegi Park “dirt park” has wood scraps, tool, shovels, wheelbarrows and more. Teach your kids to just dig, swing and hammer for a couple of hours. Great dirty fun!!

Hanegi ParkHanegi Park (羽根木公園), Setagaya-Ku Details

Address: 4-38-52 Daita, Setagaya- Ku, Tokyo
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 03-3322-0415
Access: 5 min walk from Umegaoka Station on the Odakyu Line, and 7 mins from Higashi Matsubara Station on the Inokashira Line
Website: http://www.city.setagaya.lg.jp/shisetsu/1217/1271/d00004240.html (Setagaya City website)
Hanegi Park Hanegi Park Hanegi ParkHanegi Park

Hanegi Park Hanegi Park Hanegi Park Hanegi Park***********

Hanegi Park


Hanegi Park, Setagaya-Ku – Three Super Fun Experiences in One Park


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