Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo)

Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo) – Fun Family Outing

Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo)The Haneda Airport Observation Deck is a great place to spend the afternoon with your kids – and toddlers. The observation areas allow aviation enthusiasts to hear the roar of the jet engines as they arrive and depart the runway, the enclosed space allows your kids to run around freely, and there is no shortage of places to shop and eat with a mix of Western and Japanese cuisine.

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Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo)Observation decks are located in JAL Terminal 1 on the 6th Floor and rooftop, and in ANA Terminal 2 on the 5th Floor. Both give unobstructed views of arriving and departing planes, the city outline, and on a clear day, Majestic Mount Fuji. The observation decks are comfortably stocked with tables and chairs, cafes, vending machines, mounted binoculars and ample space to walk around.

Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo)Haneda Airport provides 3 free options for access between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2; airport shuttle bus, the Keikyu Line or monorail and underground passage with moving walkway – all free of charge. Your kids will love watching planes, riding all types of transport and roaming around in a large and safe open space.

There are ample nursing rooms (15 nursing rooms in Terminal 1 and 18 in Terminal 2), family-friendly restaurants, free wifi and even a small play area in ANA Terminal 2.Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo)

Observation decks are open from 6:30 to 22:00. Note: there is no elevator from the 6th floor to the rooftop observation deck at Terminal 1.

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Haneda International Airport

Address: 4-3 Haneda-Kuko, 2-Chome, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 144, Japan
Phone: + 81-03-5757-8111

Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo)  Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo) Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo) Haneda Airport Observation Deck (Ota-ku, Tokyo)

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Haneda Airport Observation Deck – Fun Family Outing


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