Hamarikyu Garden and Park

Hamarikyu Garden Park Chuo-Ku, Tokyo) – Picnic by the Bay

Hamarikyu Garden Park (浜離宮恩賜庭園 Hama-rikyū Onshi Teien) is one of the largest and most diverse Japanese Garden Parks in central Tokyo. It is also one of the nine Metropolitan Cultural Heritage Gardens. Hamarikyu Garden Park is located on the original edge of Tokyo Bay in Chuo-ku (near Hamatsucho, Shinbashi, and Shiodome). It offers visitors wide green lawns, interesting paths to navigate over bridges and amongst gardens, and busy boat channels. It is theHamarikyu Garden and Park Japanese Iris, Best Living Japanonly remaining garden in Japan that has a seawater tidal pond remaining.  Hamarikyu is quite empty and few Japanese visitors seem to be in the gardens and parks so you can enjoy the space, quietness, and nature.

My daughter and I spent a nice two hours wondering around over the hills and watching the boats travel along the canals. The weather was warm and beautiful when we visited, so there were many romantic couples lounging on the lawns and enjoying picnics. Next time we visit, I will bring a lunch basket. This garden park makes a great add-on to a visit to Zojoji and Daimon near Hamatsucho station or if visiting Tsukiji or the Ginza area. The Waterbus to Asakusa also stops at the Hamarikyu Garden Park so is a great spot to begin or end your adventure.

Hamarikyu Garden Park

Hamarikyu Gardens (浜離宮恩賜庭園 Hama-rikyū Onshi Teien) is a public park in Chūō, Tokyo, Japan. Located at the mouth Hamarikyu Garden park, Best Living Japanof the Sumida River, it was opened April 1, 1946. The park is a 250,165 m² (about 5.7 acres) landscaped garden surrounding Shioiri Pond. The park itself surrounded by a seawater moat filled by Tokyo Bay. It was remodeled as a public garden park on the site of a villa of the Shogun Tokugawa family in the 17th century. Hamarikyu garden and original structures were destroyed in WWII but have been beautifully Hamarikyu Garden Parkrestored.  Visitors can also enjoy refreshment at a teahouse in Nakashima located in the middle of the pond. The teahouse offers matcha and Japanese sweets in a tea-ceremony style.

The garden has beautiful flowers and trees year round. Here is the annual schedule.

Tokyo Flower Calendar

Hamarikyu Garden Park, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Water Cruise, Best Living JapanHamarikyu Garden Park

Address: 1-1, Hama Rikyu-teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0046Hamarikyu Garden, Japanese garden

Access: 7 min walk from Shiodome Station on the Oedo Line (Exit 19)
10 min walk from Shimbashi station on the Ginza or Asakusa Lines (Exit G-08 or A-10)
10 min walk from Hamatsucho Station on the Yamanote Line
Also conveniently located on the water bus route that runs from Asakusa- Hamarikyo – to Sambashi

Cost: 300 JPY for general, 150 JPY for over 65 years, free for children who reside or go to school in Tokyo
Phone: 03-3541-0200
Website: http://teien.tokyo-park.or.jp/en/hama-rikyu/


Hamarikyu Garden Park

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