Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

Nursing pads are an essential item when breastfeeding. They can provide comfort and discretion by preventing leaks and keeping your skin and clothing dry.

While many of the best-selling nursing pads are praised for their absorption, nursing pads should ideally be changed multiple times throughout the day. Frequent changing of nursing pads is hygienic and reduces your risk of skin abrasions, chafing, cracked nipples, and thrush, among other conditions.

You may not need nursing pads as you breastfeed, but perhaps it is best to have at least one package or a few pairs of nursing pads on hand as your milk supply becomes established. Should leakage occur, you will have a supply on hand and you can replenish your stock if necessary.

Whether you are new to nursing, or if you currently are using nursing pads and are curious about the types available in Japan, this guide will introduce you to the top five bestselling disposable pads (使い捨てパッド) and cloth pads (布製パッド).

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*** Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan ***

Disposable or Cloth?

The most attractive point about disposable nursing pads that they can be changed easily. They are typically sold in pairs and you may go through several pairs in one day. Disposable pads are also great when on the go or at work as you don’t have to worry about bringing soiled pads back home.

However, as pads are likely to be changed several times throughout the day, they may not be seen as a cost effective product, especially when considering that you may nurse for an extended period of time. On the other hand, disposable pads tend be be thinner than cloth pads and therefore are easier to conceal under clothing.

Cloth nursing pads are intended to be washable and reusable; therefore they are made from cotton or other washable materials. Cloth pads also offer more breathability than disposable pads and are an attractive option for moms with sensitive skin or for those who have experienced chafing or stuffiness when using disposable pads.

You may want to consider cloth pads if leakage is not a big concern or for use at night. Cloth pads are also a highly economical choice as the pads can typically be used for as long as your nurse your child. On the other hand, care must be taken when washing cloth pads, and it is a good idea to have multiple pairs on hand. Cloth pads also tend to be bulkier than disposable ones.

As the types of nursing pads vary by manufacturer, perhaps you may want to consider purchasing pairs from different manufacturers until you find the nursing pad that’s just right for you.

*** Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan ***

Choosing the Right Nursing Pad

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right nursing pad. Whether you chose disposable pads, cloth pads, or choose to use both, you will want to weigh factors such as cost effectiveness, absorption, breathability, comfort, and fit. You will also want to take in account the feel of materials and shifting during use.

Even when you are not nursing, there is a chance for leaks to occur; therefore you will want to consider the absorbability of nursing pads and their materials. When pads absorb breast milk, they can become heavy and uncomfortable, leading to skin irritation. Additionally, as you adjust your nursing bra or top for feedings, the pads may shift or lose shape.

*** Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan***

Top Five Disposable Nursing Pads

5. ChuChu Baby Milk Pads with Pleats

Chu Chu Baby Milk Pads with Pleats are made from super-absorbent materials to provide effective leak protection while being thin and invisible under clothing. The pleats fold out to a wide, absorbent surface area that contours and provides a discreet fit. Two adhesive tapes help keep pads in place.
These pads come individually wrapped in a compact size that take up little space. Made in Japan. Available on Amazon – 700 yen (130 Ct.)

4. Moony Ichiban Yasashii

Guide to Nursing Pads in JapanFrom the makers of Moony diapers, Ichiban Yasashii pads provide extra comfort to moms who have sensitive skin or suffer from cracked nippples. They are designed to keep skin dry and offers complete breathability from the surface to the back. Soft gauze on the sides provide cushion and comfort to sensitive breasts. When surveyed by Unilever, 90 percent of moms answered that they would try these pads wagain. On the back are two long strips, eight finger widths long, to prevent shifting during wear. These pads come individually wrapped. Made in Japan.   Available on Amazon – 548 yen (68 Ct.)

*** Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan ***

3. Dacco Regular Mommy Pads

Mommy Pads often the first type of nursing pads that mothers try as Dacco provides many birth clinics and hospitals in Japan with a postpartum care kit for mothers. The surface is a gauze-like material that absorbs breast milk quickly and keeps skin dry. Its fast absorption makes these pads ideal for nighttime or for working moms who may not be able to change their pad often. Mommy Pads come in a nude shade which provide discretion, and its specially designed side cut ensures that these nursing pads will not peek out of nursing bras and tops. Comes packaged in pairs with four long adhesive strips. Made in Indonesia. Available on Amazon – 627 yen (128 Ct.)

2. Pigeon Fit Up
Fit Up pads are a popular choice for moms made from lightweight, soft materials and have five adhesive strips on the back to prevent shifting. They are also designed to maintain its smooth shape and can easily be molded to fit bras and nursing tank tops. Fit Up offers fast absorption, and its cushion provides support to breasts which can become uncomfortable due to engorgement and heightened sensitivity. Comes packaged in pairs. Made in Japan.  Available on Amazon – 806 yen (126 Ct.)

1. Pigeon Fit Up Premium

Nursing Pads in JapanFit Up Premium are the number one bestselling disposable nursing pad on Amazon. They are recommended for new moms who may not know how their how their body will adjust to nursing or how sensitive their skin or breasts may be. Its silky lining provides a comfort that make moms feel as if they’re not wearing pads at all. The breathability of these pads are comparable to that of cloth pads and are highly absorbent. Five strips of tape keep the pads firmly in place and mold to nursing bras and nursing tops. Comes packaged in pairs. Made in Japan. Available on Amazon – 827 yen (102 Ct.)

*** Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan ***

Top Five Cloth Nursing Pads

5. Sweet Mommy Soft Nursing Pads 100% Organic Cotton

Sweet Mommy’s nursing pads have six layers that are absorbent, prevents leaks, and keeps clothes dry. Made from 100% organic cotton and contains no bleach, dyes, or chemicals, they are a great choice for moms with sensitive skin. Made in Japan. Available on Amazon – 972 yen for One Pair (Size Small, Medium, or Large)

4. TELLME Organic Bamboo Nursing Pad Set

TELLME feel great on skin and are made from flexible bamboo textile Nursing Pads in Japanwhich has a silky feel. They are also made from organic cotton. Made from two layers, these cloths are thin, lightweight, and absorbent. These pads do not conform to the shape of the breast as easily as other cloth nursing pads. Made in China.  Available on Amazon – 777 yen for Three Pairs

*** Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan ***

3. A Love Soul Cloth Nursing Pads

These nursing pads from are lightweight and made from 100% organic cotton. They can be used in the summer or anytime of the year for moms who experience stuffiness when wearing nursing pads. The materials are specially designed to absorb breastmilk. Comes in six colors and a holding pouch. Made in China.  Available on Amazon – ¥1,500 for Six Pair

2. Inujirushi Nursing Pads

Inujirushi Nursing Pads are designed to be gentle on the nipple and to conform to the shape of the breast. Made of four layers of these pads are slightly thinner than other reusable nursing pads yet can absorb up to 60cc of breast milk. While washing cloth pads can be difficult, Inujiurshi Nursing Pads are made from 100% polyester, allowing for them to dry faster than nursing pads made from cotton. Made in Taiwan.  Available on Amazon – 1,026 yen for One Pair

1. Rosemadame Mama Pads

Guide to Nursing Pads in JapanRosemadame is a leading manufacturer of maternity and nursing wear. Its Mama Pads are the best-selling cloth nursing pads on Amazon and are made with three layers of protection. The middle layer is made of a non-woven absorbent acrylic layer. The outer side of these pads are a water-repellant cloth that prevent breast milk from seeping through. Made in Japan.  Available on Amazon – 900 yen for One Pair

Tips for Nursing in Japan

Major department stores often have nursing room available for use. Download Mamapapamap – an app that allows you to find nursing rooms and baby changing rooms quickly anywhere in Japan. It`s absolutely free!

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Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy


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