Guide To Japanese Air Purifiers

Guide To Japanese Air Purifiers

Air purifiers  (空気清浄機/くうき せいじょう き/kuuki seijyou ki ) improve the air quality in your home or office by filtering out pollutants like dust, smoke, pet dander, and pollen. Some air purifiers in Japan also double as humidifiers (加湿器/かしつき/kashitsuki).

Air purifiers are great to use year round in a city environment.  This is true especially if you suffer from hay fever (kafunshou /花粉症/かふんしょう) or have other allergies (アレルギー/あれるぎー/arerugi-).

Use this guide to Japanese air purifiers to learn how to master the controls of your air purifier and for tips on how to maximize its efficiency.

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Mastering Japanese Air Purifier Controls

This infographic displays the controls for an air purifier that is also a humidifier. Controls on air purifiers vary by brand and model. Please use this infographic for reference only. 


Tips to Using Your Air Purifier or Dehumidifier

  • Choose an air purifier based on the size of the room where it will primarily be used. This will typically be denoted in tatami mat (畳/じょう/jyou) size (e.g. 6 畳, 14畳).
  • Put your air purifier in a large room to maximize efficiency.
  • Place your air purifier near a doorway. The coming and going of people with cause dust on the floor to rise up and into the filter.
  • Use with a fan or air conditioner to calculate dust particles in the direction of the air purifier.
  • Stop viruses and pollen by putting an air purifier in your home’s entrance way or genkan (玄関/げんかん).
  • To rid your home of cigarette smoke, put a small air purifier on your table or counter.
  • Clean and change filters regularly, just as you would with an air conditioner.
  • If your air purifier is also a humidifier, fill the water tank regularly.
  • Leave your air purifier on all day for best usage. This will cost around 200 yen a month, or more.

Top Selling Air Purifiers in Japan

If the choice of air purifiers in Japan is overwhelming, here’s a look at three top-selling machines. Remember to refer to our shopping in Japan article to make sure you get the best deals. And, if you love collecting points, make sure you read our guide to points and point cards in Japan before you spend some major yen on an air purifier.


Sharp has also aggressively entered the Air Purifier the pas few years and there units are some of the top sellers. Our unit of choice is the Sharp Plasma Cluster 7000 which is also highly reviewed by thousands of customers on Amazon Japan. The 700 model is about 20,000 yen and covers a room about 13 tatami (about 19 sq M or 220 sq ft.) I personally have one in each kids rooms.  See all Sharp units at this link on

Iris Ohyama Pollen Air Purifier – Available on Amazon Japan – 8,000 yen
Watch enough Japanese TV and you’re bound to see this one on an infomercial. This air purifier removes large particles like pollen and microscopic particles such as PM 2.5. Use it as a humidifier and its four different settings (pollen, high temperature, dryness, and rainy season) help you comfortably deal with the change of seasons in Japan.

Using Panasonic’s Nanoe technology also removes house dust through a floor-level vent. This model from Panasonic does not function as a humidifier. However, its special sensors are designed to react to specific irritants. It detects cigarette smoke, body odor, and the smell of household rubbish. Covers over 25 tatami mat room.

Panasonic Nanoe Air Purifier –  Available on Amazon Japan – White approximately 45,800 


Guide To Japanese Air Purifiers

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