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Granny Smiths Apple Pie (Setagaya, Aoyama, Ginza & Yokohama)

Granny Smiths PiesGranny Smiths Apple Pie & Coffee (グラニースミス アップルパイ&コーヒー) offers takeaway counter specializes in four delicious varieties of apple pie; Japan Dutch Crumble, Classic Rum Raisin, French D’mandes and England Custard (around 400 yen per slice). They also offer delicious seasonal pies, teas, espresso and coffee drinks.

Granny Smiths TakeoutThe small shop doesn`t provide seating however their pies can be ordered as a dessert item at Fungo Sandwich and Burger Cafe across the street or order takeaway and enjoy it at the park. If you are having a party Granny Smith’s Apple Pie & Coffee also sells whole pies for around 3000 yen.

Granny Smiths Apple Pie & Coffee has three additional locations with seating in Aoyama, Yokohama and their newest shop opened last month in Ginza. You can find their pies at the B1 level of the new Tokyu Plaza Building Ginza.

A nice outing would be to spend the morning at Setagaya Park, grab a bite at Fungo Sandwich and Burger Cafe and enjoy a delicious Granny Smith’s Apple Pie & Coffee. Try a seasonal pie and tell us what you think.

Granny Smith's Apple Pie & Coffee, Setagaya

P.S. Check out Kodomo no Hiroba Park or Yutenji Temple, and if you`re experiencing excessive sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose or a scratchy throat read our Top 10 Ways to Survive Hay Fever (kafunsho) Season in Japan.

Granny Smiths Apple Pie & Coffee Details:

Granny Smith's Apple Pie & Coffee, SetagayaAddress: 1-46-10 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (〒154-0002 東京都世田谷区下馬1-46-10) +Google Maps
Phone: 03-6805-3353
Hours: 10:00-20:00
Access: A 13-min walk from Sangenjaya station 0r a 16-min walk from Ikejiriohashi station +Google Map


Granny Smiths Apple Pie & Coffee, Mishuku



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