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Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant (Shinagawa, Tokyo) – Date Night

Grand Central Oyster Bar TokyoThe Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Shinagawa is a great spot to visit for happy hour drinks, date night and for seafood and oyster lovers. Located on the 4th floor Foodium Lounge of Atre Shopping Mall at Shingawa Station, the Grand Central Oyster Bar`s atmosphere is old-fashioned American reminiscing the original Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in New York. Pass the cocktail bar and be impressed with the Raw Oyster Bar on your left and the arch-style ceilings and acoustically friendly space to your right. Patrons have the option to dine indoors or on their lovely patio during late Spring and Summer months.

Grand Central Oyster Bar TokyoThe Grand Central Oyster Bar carries delicious, creamy oysters from Japan, Australia, Canada, US, Ireland and New Zealand. They also serve a delicious selection of fresh and fried seafood, your choice of steamed or grilled lobster from Nova Scotia Canada, a smooth and creamy New England Clam Chowder with diced vegetables, salads and other staples. I highly recommend trying a variety of oysters from different parts of the world to sample different tastes and textures, and ask their friendly and knowledgable staff for wine parings.

Raw Oyster Bar TokyoGrand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Details:

Address: 2-18-1 Kōnan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 4F Atre Shinagawa (東京都港区港南2-18-1 アトレ品川4F)
Phone: 03-6717-0932
Hours: 11:00 – 24:00 Daily (L.O. 23:00 for food & drinks) * Lunch menu from 10:00 – 14:30.
Access: A 1-min walk from JR Shinagawa Station
Website: http://oysterbartokyo.com/

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Grand Central Oyster Bar Tokyo


Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

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