Gohongi playground (Yutenji, Tokyo)

gohongi playground swingGohongi Park Playground (五本木公園) is a small park frequented by neighborhood kids and nursery schools in the area. It`s a short walk from Yutenji station and is close proximity to the Yutenji shopping street, food and the popular curry restaurant, Niagara Curry, which delivers food to your table by train. It sits across the street from the Nakamura Pediatrics and Internal medicine clinic. Your kids can play at the playground while they wait to see the Doctor. The nurses will go outside and call you in when they`re ready to see you. Dr. Kazuko Nakamura (pediatrician) speaks English and is also a certified lactation consultant. She`s kind and is a neighborhood favorite.

Gohongi-Park-spring-riderGohongi Playground has the following equipment:

Large slide
2 spring riders (single and triple seater)

Gohongi-Park-slide-sandpitGohongi Playground Details:

Address: 1-9-1 Gohongi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (東京目黒区五本木1−9−1)
Phone: 03-5721-7287
Closest Station: A 2 min walk from Yutenji station


Niagara Curry Details:

Address: 1-21-2 Yutenji, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (東京目黒区祐天寺1−21−2)
Phone: 03-3713-2602
Website: http://www.niagara-curry.com/index.html
Personal Visit: https://bestlivingjapan.com/niagara-curry-yutenji/

Nakamura Clinic: http://kowa-nakamura-iin.jp/ (in Japanese)

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Gohongi Playground



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