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Ginza Line Elevator Guide

We find it troublesome to look for elevators when we`re with baby at a station. To remedy this, we`ve listed the train car for the Ginza line that will stop closest to the elevator. We hope it helps you on your journey.Ginza Line Elevator Guide

Ginza Line Elevator Guide

GINZA LINE Transfer Guide (In Japanese only)

G-01: Shibuya                                Stairs only
G-02: Omotesando                       Car 4
G-03: Gaiemmae                            Escalators at Car 6
G-04: Aoyama-Itchome                Towards Asakusa Between Cars 1 & 2
G-05: Akasaka-Mitsuke                Cars 2 & 4
G-06: Tameike-Sanno                   Car 6
G-07: Toranomon                         Stairs only
G-08: Shimbashi                            Car 5
G-09: Ginza Escalators                 Car 5
G-10: Kyobashi                              Stairs only
G-11: Nihombashi                         Towards Shibuya Escalators at Car 6
Towards Asakusa Between Cars 5 & 6
G-12: Mitsukoshimae                    Car 6
G-13: Kanda                                    Stairs only
G-14: Suehirocho                           Stairs only
G-15: Ueno-Hirokoji                      Towards Shibuya Car 2
Towards Asakusa Escalators at Car 5
G-16: Ueno                                      Car 6
G-17: Inaricho                                 Stairs only
G-18: Tawaramachi                        Stairs only
G-19: Asakusa                                 Between Cars 4 & 5

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Ginza Line Elevator Guide

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