Great Japanese Gifts for Babies 0-9 Months

Japanese Gifts for Baby – 0-9 months

As moms of six kids, we often get asked about great gifts for Baby. Zero to nine-month babies are typically non-mobile but are highly stimulated by high-contrast colours, sound and motion. Also by nine months many become solid sitters and crawlers. You do not need to invest in a lot of toys at this age. Our advice is buy items that are small, portable and versatile in location and use.  There are a lot of great products in Japan, but this is our curated top 10 list of gifts for baby 0-9 months. Would love to learn your recommendation, please add to the comments section below. (All links below go to We receive a small affiliate fee which helps us keeps our content free. ) Here is the page on for all Baby Toys.

Here are some more recommendation for Japanese gifts for babies and toddlers.

Hope this list of Japanese Gifts for Baby 0-9 months is helpful!

      1. Best Selling Baby Books Three of our favorite Japanese books for babies – high contract and fun for adults to read and babies to react. Buy all three for about 2,500 yen. Great classics to start a babies library.

2. Crib, Stroller or Car Seat Entertainment  – Newborn babies cannot see actual colors until 4-5 months, but they can see shades so bright dramatic colors are best. We love this versatile baby play hanger which can be for to a crib, stroller, or car seat. Kids will love from 0-12 months. All of the pieces are also machine washable. Available on Amazon for 3,000 yen.




3.  This GamiGami Banana Chew toy is a new version of an old favorite. Babies 3+ months will love to grasp it and chew away. Perfect for babies who are teaching. (about 750 JPY).




3. There are a wide variety of colours and design of these Kids O Balls (about 1,200 JPY) available in Japan. This ball is great for little hands to grasp and very lightweight for Baby to swing around. The clips above keep this ball securely attached to the stroller. Also, if your baby needs more stimulation you can crinkle up a plastic shopping bag and push it inside of the ball to make an interesting sound.



4. This very unique Japanese teething and rattle set (about 4,500 JPY) is made of processed rice. The simple design and natural material base makes it one of the most popular selling baby toys on The set is composed of a four items that baby can gum all he/she wants since the set is washable.


5. Stacking Cups are a must have for any baby. They are fun in the bath and everyday play.  Here is a nice set from Combi (about 1,000 JPY). If you want other stacking cup options here is an entire list.

6. Interactive Play Center – We had one of the first versions of this toy and despite my interest in it, my babies loved it. It is perfect for kids 6-12 months. Babies will love touching this toy which all the textures and sounds. My favorite part is the squishy mayonnaise bottle! Price is approximately 4,500 yen.

7. Teething rings are a must have from about five months onward. Baby’s just love gnawing on them, especially if it is a cute squid! This Japan designed Squid teether is just so soft and cute. The Ika KamiKami  (about 800 JPY), which means chewy chewy squid in Japanese, is a very Japanese gift that will bring a smile to baby and adult faces.


8. Japanese soft book – The Hungry Caterpillar (about 1,600 yen) – A classic favorite of babies world wide. The Japanese version is just as cute and lovably. The soft washable fabric and chew corner will make it one of babies favorite and mom’s must have in the travel bag.



9. Japanese Hanten are warm jackets worn in the house or for babies in strollers to keep them warm. This is one of my favorites with Totoro, but you can see a cute selection here.



10. Fly Create Ball Set – Great for floor or bath play. Super fun playing with all or just one. Easy to wash and come in a handy carry case. 10 balls in carious colors and textures.  (approximately 2,300 yen)






Great Gift for New Parents 


Love this picture frame for the first 12 months. Great gift for the new parent! (approximately 1,700 yen).  See all Baby Memorial Gifts Here



 This  beautiful Japanese 100% wood dining set  will last a lifetime. A great gift to give or received. (approximately 6,000 yen). Includes three bowls, two plates and chopsticks.




Hand, Foot and Photo Memory Frame – Wonderful way to save your childs early days. ((approximately 2,500 yen). See all Baby Memorial Gifts Here




Hope this list of Japanese Gifts for Baby 0-9 months was helpful!

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Japanese Gifts for Baby – 0-9 months


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