Getting you newborn a Japanese passport

Getting a Japanese Passport for Your Newborn

Congratulations on the birth of your child! Here is information on where to go, what to bring and how to get a Japanese passport for your newborn.  One of the child’s parents has to be a Japanese citizen to apply for a Japanese passport. The procedure below is based on our personal experience. Getting a passport in Japan for our dual citizen children seemed to be so much simpler than getting their USA passports.  Note: You will need to renew the passport at years 5, 10 and 15 of age; for Japanese passport renewal process click here.

Getting a Japanese Passport for Your Newborn

There are 4 Japanese Passport offices in the Tokyo area. Please locate the office closest to you.

1) Metropolitan Government Building Citizens Square 1st Fl (都庁都民広場地下1階 )
2-8-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku (宿区西新宿2-8-1)
Access: Shinjuku Station: The West Exit just west of Keio Plaza Hotel

2) Tokyo Traffic Hall 2nd floor (東京交通会館2階)
2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku (千代田区有楽町2-10-1)
Access: Yurakucho Station: The Kyobashi Exit; there is also good public parking under the building

3) Sunshine City World Import Mart 5th Floor (サンシャインシティ内 ワールドインポートマート5階 )
3-1-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toyoshimaku (豊島区東池袋3-1-3)
Access: Ikebukuro Station: The East Exit

4) Lumina Tachikawa 9th Floor (ルミネ立川店9階)
2-1-1 Akebonocho, Tachikawa-shi (立川市曙町2-1-1)
Access: Tachikawa Station: 9th floor of the Lumine/Station Building


Items to take with you to the Japanese Passport Agency:
– An official copy of your Koseki (family registry) from your ward or city office.
– Alien Registration Card
– National Health Insurance Card
– A passport-sized (45x35mm) photo of your child. The best way to get a photo is place your child on a white sheet in your home and take pictures while standing above the child. Eyes must be open in the photo. My kids photos were not perfect – just get the whole face with no hands in the way.
– Proof of the spelling of your child`s name in English on a birth certificate, child`s insurance card or foreign passport. If you do not have this, you will have to copy a letter in Japanese, by hand, to assure the government that that is the correct spelling of your child`s name in English.
– Your child

You can see a sample application form filled out here:

You will have to write your child`s name in English in the orange rectangle under their passport photo. Below your child’s name, in the small space marked by a dotted orange line, you will have to write “[Your Name] (by Mother/Father)”. Be sure to write this below the dotted line and totally within the box to avoid having to rewrite the entire form. Once submitted and approved they will give you an 8.5 x 11″ paper receipt with the date for pick-up stamped on it.

Processing takes as little as 2-4 weeks. Children’s passports are valid for 5 years. The cost of a 5-year passport is 6,000 yen. Payment must be made in yen which will be reflected in a printout on your receipt and in the form of a 4,000 yen stamp.

DO NOT lose this form. You will need this and your child in order to pick up your child`s passport.

Japanese Passport Information (in Japanese)

FAQs about Kids with Dual-Citizenship and Passports</
1. Does a child have to choose Japanese or second citizenship by a certain age? The Japanese government would like dual-citizen children to choose one nationality by age 22. However, there is no law that states this is mandatory, nor is there any legal action that can be taken.

2. What is the best way to use dual passports when traveling? Our children leave and enter Japan using their Japanese passport. They enter the USA and exit the USA using their USA passport.

3. Can you apply for a Japanese passport overseas? Yes, you may apply for Japanese passports at consulates abroad. From my personal experience, the process is similar to executing in-country but the time to receive takes 4-6 weeks.

4. Can my child have three names on the passport – first, middle and last? Yes, three names are possible. However, it is easier if the child has their second passport completed with the names desired. Bring this passport with you to show that you want the three names similar to their foreign country passport. For some reason, this makes the conversation go more smoothly.

5. If my child is born in Japan can we get a Japanese passport? Japanese passports are only provided to children who are born to parents where both or one are Japanese citizens. If the child is born in Japan but to parents who are not Japanese the child will not be eligible to get a Japanese passport.

6. Until what age can my child apply for a Japanese passport? The age is 18 years.

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Getting a Japanese Passport for Your Newborn



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  1. Does this apply for a new born even if the parents are not japanese?

  2. Dear Sir,
    Me and My husband both are Bangladeshi Citizen. But our two kids are born in Japan.Now we are in Bangladesh.If we go Japan again,can they get Japanese Passports?
    Thanks You.

    • Abdul ghani babar

      Dear sir
      How are you
      Sir my question is we are live in japan last 14 teen years and my 3 babies born in japan and 2 big baby boy going to schools and we have Japanese prmenant residentsi ,we need japan passport because my children knows only Japanese languages he don’t know speak English and my home country language,
      So please reply how can I will get Japanese citizenship

      Best regards

      • Hello Abdul, It sounds like you should apply to become a naturalized Japanese citizen. We have not research this topic yet. I recommend you contact the immigration office to get details.

  3. Hello Saiyeda,
    Unfortunately no. In order to get a Japanese Passport for your child At least one parent has to be Japanese.

    • Hello saiyeda
      Unfortunately no in order to get Japanese passport
      Your kid is not sufficient because you both are not Japanese
      And on the process of getting passport it’s not easy
      Your kid have speak and write Japanese words and do not think it’s easy to getting green card like U S A

  4. princess may matsumoto

    Im married to a japanese but my 1month old child is born in the philippines. She is already registered to our koseki tohon. How can she get a japanese passport and the requirments aswell?


  5. Hello Princess,
    I missed this post!
    Do you live in Japan? If so, take the necessary paperwork listed above to the nearest passport agency. If not, consult the Embassy of Japan in your country.

  6. Hi! Do I need to bring the child during the registration? If the child is only 1 month old? Or only requirements should I bring?

    Thank you

  7. Hello Mai,
    Please contact your closest passport office.
    You don`t need your child for renewal (5 years). However, they may be strict with new applications.
    The process is fairly quick. Good luck!

  8. I want to go back to the Philippines and I have a 1month old baby but he don’t have his passport yet is it ok to bring him without a passport??what document should I bring???please help me thank you..

  9. That’s exactly what I want to find. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  10. Hi! i just want to ask how to get passport if my father is japanese but my nationality is filipino? Thankyou!

    • Hi Michi,
      The passport office said if you`re in Japan and you have an official copy of your family register (戸籍謄本 / koseki tōhon) you can submit an application for a Japanese passport. You`ll have to take other documents as well (drivers license/gaijin card, insurance card, photo, etc.). Please contact your nearest passport office to obtain a list of the necessary documents as it varies with age.

  11. Dear Sandra,

    I’m 21 years old, and a Filipino national. My father is Japanese and my mother is Filipina. I was wondering if it’s possible for me to apply for Japanese passport.

    Your reply would be much appreciated! Thanks.

    • Hi Lisa, I think you needed to apply before the age or 20 with Japanese father’s support. Sorry do not have more details on adults applying for Japanese citizenship. Lauren

  12. Hello po..I am in Davao and I have 1 month old baby whose father is japanese.we are not married but i want to live and my son in japan.
    What can i do?

    • Janet, You boyfriend (or father of child) can apply for your child’s Japanese citizenship and passport. Your child can then live in Japan, but you would need a spouse visa (married) or work visa to live with your child in Japan. Lauren

  13. Hello.

    Could you translate in English what are the parts of Japanese passport application form i should fill in? I am not really good in nihongo, i hope u can help me. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kiyoko,

      We have included a link to a sample application form that is filled out which includes the katakana, kanji and furigana spelling of your child`s name, birthdate and signature. Your address, phone number and signature needs to be filled in on the front and back of the form. Perhaps a family member or friend can help you with the Q&A part of the form. If not, there are staff at the passport agencies that should be able to help you out. Best to call the office prior to going to see if they have someone who can speak English. Hope that helps! Sandra

  14. Hi ! I have concerns about my child I already divorced to my husband japanese but i live here in japan then I’m pregnant i have concern about my child citizenship and passport can you explain if what stutus to my coming baby if he still japanese or filipino citizen

    • If the father of your unborn child is Japanese and states the child is his you can file the child to be a JP citizen (the father has to support you on this). You do not need to be married to have your child be Japanese. However, If the father is not claiming the child as his you will need to take him to court and prove through DNA that the child is related. Hopefully the father will be supportive. Best of luck.

  15. Hi! I will soon be giving birth to our child. My husband is a Japanese. And we have a plan to go to the Philippines when our baby is already three months old. Does the baby needs a passport? What are the requirements for applying passport for a newlyborn baby? Some Filipina told me that we can’t apply for the baby’s passport unless the baby can sit already for picture taking. How true is that? I am hopeful that you can help me with these issues. Thank you so much. God bless

    • Hello Yamijhen, You can and should apply for a passport as soon as you can after birth. Our children got both their Japanese and American passports at about one month old. You only need a face photo so the baby does not need to sit. Lie the baby down on a white sheet and stand over it to take a picture – eyes must be open for the baby’s photo. All other details are in the page you wrote this comment. Lauren

  16. Hi my husband is Japanese and we are separate 2 years ago but where not divorce in papers, I have a boyfriend now and I’m 2 months pregnant with my boyfriend if I’m getting boshi techo in city hall it that possible to my husband that I’m pregnant. Sincerely thank you

    • Sorry Ara, I do not know if you pregnancy status can/will be shared with your legal husband (not yet divorced). You should probably ask the town hall. Good luck. You could also contact the TELL TOkyo English Life Line and ask. They may know more about a complex question like this.

  17. hi
    i am Japanese resident in europe. my daughter has also japanese passport. my daughter s son was born in europe in 2016. but she missed tu report hid birth to local japanese consular. (within 3 months)
    how can she apply his jsapanese passport from europe ? is there any lawyers to apply hs passport ?
    pls provide procedures hoe her son, (2 years old) can acquire japanese passport ?

    thank you.

  18. Hello there!

    I just want to ask if it is possible to get my daughter’s passport without my Japanese husband with us going to the office for application?

    Thank you

    • Hi Kim, your husband does not need to be present however if you cannot read/write Japanese we recommend taking someone who can as there is paperwork to fill out. -Sandra

  19. Hi im 18years old my mom is a filipino and my father is a japanese my mother and my father are separated since 1999 but not divorced yet. I live here in the philippines and I wanted to know if we get koseki tohon in japan, is my father required to sign before we get a koseki tohon via EMS in post office? and I want to ask if my father dont want to accept me can I receive a support from the government of japan? and how much is the cost of passport and how long does it take to process my passport. your answer will be appreciated thank you in advance I hope you can answer these questions.

  20. Gemma Dizon Kikuchi

    Hello there
    I just want to ask if it is possible to get may daugther passport without may jappanese husband .beacase no more communication in 7 year and i have a new kosekitohon write now.
    I have a 2 daugther but only 1 to register .pls help me to apply the passport of may daugther. Because i dont have a work this time.

    • Hi Gemma, if your daughter is listed on your kosekitohon she should be able to receive a passport. Please visit your nearest passport agency with your daughter and paperwork and explain to them your situation. Your ward or city office should be able to help you fill out the documents as well. Please keep us posted. Sandra

  21. How many parents signatures are required on a Japanese passport application? My wife and I are separated, she is Japanese. We have shared custody of our twin boys aged 4. Can she obtain Japanese passports for our children without my consent? Thanks

    • Hi David, only 1 signature is needed to obtain a Japanese passport for a minor however if you have expressed your disagreement in writing on the issuance of your child’s passport either to the Japanese Embassies, Consulates General or the prefectural passport offices in Japan, the passport will usually be issued after the verification of the consent of both parents. -Sandra

      • Hi Sandra. Thanks for the information! I will contact them in the morning and advise my disagreement to passports being issued. Kind Regards David 🙂

        • Hi David, I believe you`ll have to visit the office with a letter of disagreement as well as paperwork verifying you are the father. Please contact them for more information. -Sandra

  22. hellow sir
    I am Bangladeshi. Now I am live in south Korea . If my baby bron in japan can she get Japanese citizen

    • Hello Farzana, In order for a Japanese baby to apply for Japanese citizenship one of the parents has to be a Japanese citizen. It does not matter where you live, you can apply for your child’s Japanese citizenship at the local Japan Embassy or Consulate.

  23. I am a US citizen currently; however one of parents is Japanese and was wondering if I could obtain my Japanese passport citizenship? My parent who is Japanese is deceased.

    • Hi Ryan, It will not be easy but not impossible with all the right documents. You will need your fathers “koseki” and you must have been registered on the “koseki”. Once you have that I would go to a embassy or consulate to discuss the request for citizenship.

  24. Hi good evening,
    This is Lenie i have concern about the passport…my baby born here in phil she is becoming 2 months old husband is japanese citizen…i need your help or husband planning to get us bring to japan next month..where we can get a passport.?..if my husband get a dual passport in japan that dual passport can use here in phil…? Or do i need get here before we go to japan

    • Hi Lenie, you can use your daughters Philippine passport to enter Japan then gather the proper paperwork to get her Japanese passport when you arrive.
      There are 4 Japanese Passport offices in the Tokyo area. Please locate the office closest to you. ~Sandra

  25. Kenji Yamazaki

    Hi i am a 22 year old filipino citizen. i want to be a japanese citizen in order to be with my father a japanese citizen. what do i need to do to have a japanese citizenship?

  26. Our flight is in three days aug 5.2018
    And i forgit to check my sons japanese passport and it was expired on may 2018
    But he has another passport which was ok,is there any conflict in the airport!?
    What option or when can i go to talk to about this!?in japan or in airport!?
    Please really need your help asap
    Thank you
    Ill wait for your response

    • Hi Marivic,
      Please kindly contact the Japanese embassy in your country. They can better assist you. -Sandra

  27. hello! I want to apply for a Japanese passport for my baby. His father is a Japanese. My concern is I want her to use my name as her middle name but my name is still under my ex husbands surname because I haven’t settle our divorce in my country.
    I am married to my baby’s father but still under my ex-husband’s surname.
    looking forward to your reply thank you!

    • Hello Yobz, You will need to show your passport, marriage license etc. when applying. Japan does not really deal with middle names well. Actually they don’t really acknowledge them which is good in your case. You probably will not have a problem making your name her middle name. We have four kids with Japanese first and last name. but middle names are very western, Never got asked about it when applying.

  28. Hi, I am half filipino and half japanese, I am a japanese citizen acquired thru my father who is a japanese. i am married now to a filipino but my two children is under my last name cause by the time they were born i am not yet married, i was able to register them in my koseki tohon. can i change their last name to their fathers last name like we did in the Birth certificate?

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