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Gekko-so Tokyo Paint Store, Ginza

Gekko-so Tokyo Paint Store, founded in 1917, is an institution in the Japanese art world. Artists love their focus on watercolor and oil painting supplies. The show is small but packed full of goodness! You can test the store’s paints by trying both their branded horse and pig hair brushes and unique paper sketch and art notebooks. If you need a break, try a coffee in Gekko-so Art Paint Store Tokyotheir basement cafe and mini-gallery. Check my favorite art stores in Tokyo at this link. 

Many people wonder how such a small shop can survive in Ginza for so long. This brand supplies many of the elite elementary to high school kids with their school art supplies. As adult these same kids are loyal customers. The strategy of child marketing works wonders :-).

Gekko-so Tokyo Paint Store, Ginza

Store DetailsTokyo paint brushes

Business address: 8-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061 (google map)

Phone: 03-3572-5605

Website in Japanese only:

Access: 5 min walk from Shinbashi Station, 10 min walk from Yurakucho Station

Tokyo art bags, Art Paint Store Tokyo Tokyo oil paint,  Art Paint Store Tokyo Tokyo gallery Ginza Art Paint Store Tokyo

Gekko-so Tokyo Paint Store, Ginza

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