Tokyo Gas Stations

Gas Stations in Japan – Useful Terms and Phrases

If you decide to own a car in Japan or use Car Sharing (ORIXCarecoTimes) you’ll have to fill up on gas. Japanese gas stations / gasoline stands (ガソリンスタンド) offer self-serve stations or full-service stations where they’ll fill up the tank so you’ll never have to leave the car.

DID YOU KNOW – Gas Stations in Japan are safe. None of the 869 gas stations collapsed or broke fire during the Great Hanshin Earthquake since they were built under strict fire acts. Now, they are designated as “Support stations” for people walking home, providing them with water and bathrooms.
Full Service Station Instructions:
  1. Enter the station and wait for the staff to direct you to a space. He/She will use his hands to wave you in while saying “oorai-oorai-oorai” (alright, alright, alright) then the hand signal to stop. Turn off your vehicle.
  2. Lower your window and the station staff will ask the type of fuel you want to use to fill your tank, how much, and your method of payment. In which you might respond “re-gu-la, mantan, kaado de onegaishimasu” (Fill the tank with regular gasoline. I am using a credit card) and hand them your credit card.
  3. While your car is getting filled, the will offer you a cloth to clean your dashboard then will proceed to clean the windshield, windows, and door mirrors.
  4. Once your car is filled they will bring you your receipt and card.
  5. After payment the staff will ask you which direction you are going (Dochira ni ikimasu ka?). Potential Response: migi ni (Right) and guide you to get back on the road.


Gasoline TypesJapanesePronunciation
High Octaneハイオクhai-o-ku
Diesel軽油kei-yu / di-se-ru

Useful TermsJapanesePronunciation
Fill up the tank満タンman-tan
Using Cash現金でgenkin de
Using Credit Cardクレジットカードでkurejito kaado de
3000 yen worth3千円ぶんsan sen en bun

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Gas Stations in Japan – Useful Terms and Phrases

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