Gallery Kawano Kimono (Jingumae, Tokyo) – Upcycled Kimono!

Gallery Kawano kimonoGallery Kawano Kimono is one of the best stores in Tokyo to buy used “up cycled” kimono, kimono fabric and kimono accessories. They are open seven days a week so if you don’t have the schedule or the time to hit a antique or flea market this is a one stop shopping location. Gallery Kawano has a great selection of merchandise which is organized by color and type of product making it a visual pleasure to shop in the gallery. You will not feel that you are in a “up cycled store” at all.

Gallery Kawano Kimono, Jingumae

Gallery Kawano, Kimonos, Best Living Japan 2Kimono silk and yukata cotton fabrics are delicate in design but yet so strong in use. You can use the fabric in a variety of crafts. Here are some ideas on kimono fabric uses I found around the web from beginner crafters to advanced. Whatever your skill or passion stop by Gallery Kawano, Kimonos, Best Living Japan 3Gallery Kawano and pick-up a Kimono or part of one and start crafting.

Fun crafts and DIY for old kimono fabric.

Gallery Kawano Kimono Details
Address: Flats Omotesando 102, 4-4-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, T0kyo 150-0001Gallery Kawano kimono 1
Business hours: Daily 11:00 -18:00
Phone: 03-3470-3305
Access: 3 min walk from Omotesando station (exit A2 or A3) on the Ginza and Aoyama Subway Lines


Gallery Kawano Kimono, Jingumae

IMG_3702 Gallery Kawano, Kimonos, Best Living Japan 4

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