Galaxcity (Adachi-ku, Tokyo) – Free Indoor Playcenter

If you’re in Adachi-ku Galaxcity is a great, free place to take your active kids. This indoor play center houses three separate bouldering walls (for toddlers, elementary school aged kids and advanced), a three-tiered giant hammock that children and adults can relax or play in, crafts and activities, baby play space, cafe and the popular Maruki Dome where you can watch movies for a small fee. The building is a bit old and could use some sprucing up, but you can’t beat hours of free fun!

Enter the facility you’ll be surprised to see a floor to ceiling 7.5 m bouldering wall to your right, tickets for Maruki Dome showings at the front desk and towards your left are two lines; the left is for a long 3m by 10m bouldering wall and the right is to play in their centerpiece netting.

Their center piece, the three-tiered hammock, allows 30 minute play sessions for up to 80 participants each session. Time slots are broken out by elementary school aged kids and “family time” for both parents and kids. Line up, remove all jewelry, hair pins, smart phones and items from pockets and store in their free lockers. Remove shoes and place in shelves. You have the choice of walking into the netting from the top level or take the staircase down the lower level. Kids and adults can wiggle through the netting from the top to the middle or bottom level.

Towards the back of the venue and to your left is the activity room with reserved & non-reserved activities (Japanese language). This month you can reserve a spot to control miniature trains. Non-reserved activities consists of playing on an interactive projection wall (Use your shadow to touch hiragana characters to spell the name of a shape) and working with creative kits like Japanese/English alphabet stamp boxes, obento box play kits, explore animal biology, measurement kits, create your own mazes, and more (Japanese Language Only).

The Maruki Dome features short, Japanese language, family friendly screenings projected on the inside of the dome as well as an information session on stars and constellations. See their monthly showing list here (click on the date to view showings). Seats are 500 yen per adult and 100 yen per elementary school aged child. Lap seated kindergarten aged kids and younger are free (100 yen if they take a seat). Tickets can be purchased at the front desk.

Galaxcity also houses a cultural hall with concerts and performances (ticket purchase required), cooking & music lessons (reservations and payment required), outdoor space (2nd floor) and cafe (1st floor). Visitors are welcome to bring in food and eat at lounge spaces or you can exit and re-enter the facility at no charge (family-friendly restaurants located near Nishiarai station, a 3 minute walk from Galaxcity). Baby space and nursing room located on the 2nd floor.

Galaxcity Adachi-ku Details

Address: 1-3-1 Kurihara, Adachi, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5242-8161
Business Hours: 9:00-21:30. Kids experience areas till 18:00. Closed on the 2nd Monday of each month. Tuesday if that Monday falls on a holiday. Please check the website for special closures.
Access: 3 minute walk from the East Exit of Nishiarai Station on the Hibiya Line.

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Galaxcity, Adachi-ku – Free Indoor Playcenter

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