Fungo Breakfast & Burgers Cafe (Mishuku, Setagaya)

Fungo Breakfast & Burgers Cafe is a local family favorite. It is conveniently located less than a minute walk from the popular Setagaya Park with mini SL train that you can ride, pedal go cart track, playgrounds and shanty town where kids build fires, saw wood and take risks, and a few minutes walk from the less crowded Kodomo no Hiroba Park. Fungo Breakfast & Burgers cafe serves breakfast from 9:00 daily, and a unique variety of hot and cold sandwiches, burgers and sides from 11:00. Really a relaxed and nice environment to take the family when visiting Setagaya Park.

Fungo Breakfast & Burgers CafeTheir breakfast menu consists of three layer pancakes (850 yen) with your choice of toppings from whipped cream and berry sauce (100 yen) to salmon and cream cheese topping (300 yen); a 1000 yen breakfast plate with your choice of a main (corned beef, bacon or sausage), type of egg and bread; cheese toast (750 yen); mini hamburger and fries (850 yen) and drink 100 yen.

They also serve a variety of hot and cold sandwiches; Hot Roast Beef (1350 yen), Grilled Turkey (1200 Yen), Corned Beef (1300), Camembert Cheese and dried tomato (1200 yen), Turkey Avocado & Vegetable (1150 yen), and their burgers consist of the Mexican Burger with chili beans,
Fungo Breakfast & Burgers CafeJalapenos and sour cream (small 1150 yen/ large 1500 yen) fish burger with tartar sauce and cheese (1100 yen), and tropical burger with pineapple and cheese (small 1050 yen/ large 1400 yen). Visit their menu for their full selection.

We recommend trying their Granny Smith`s Apple Pie dessert. Delicious! The shop, Granny Smith`s Apple Pie and Coffee is located across the street from the cafe. Stop by and take home their seasonal pies.

Fungo Breakfast & Burgers CafeFungo Breakfast & Burgers Cafe Mishuku, Setagaya Details:

Address: 1-40-10 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (東京都世田谷区下馬1-40-10)
Phone: 03-3795-1144
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 9:00 – 23:00; Friday and Saturday 9:00 – 01:00
Additional Locations: Nishi Shinjuku and Ginza


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Fungo Breakfast & Burgers Cafe


Fungo Breakfast & Burgers Cafe Mishuku, Setagaya


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