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Fly Station (Saitama) – Indoor Skydiving for 4+ ye

If you have a daredevil kid in your house, then I highly recommend the FlyStation in Saitama. FlyStation is Japan’s first indoor skydiving space. Kids ages 4 and move can enjoy with a coach. My seven and 15-year-olds both LOVED it.  You can sign-up for 1-10 flights; we did two each, and the kids were begging for more. Two flights cost about 10,000 yen per kid which is quite
FlyStation Japan (Saitama) - Indoor Skydiving for 4+ yearsexpensive for a few mins of flying, but I can bet you they will remember for a long time. The entire process does take about 2 hours from registration to end.

Here are other great places to visit in Saitama with kids
If you have a sporty adventure kid, please also check out our list of recommended activities. 

**Note it does take 1.5 hours via train from central Tokyo, so I recommend visiting the Laketown Outlet center on the same day to make a full day trip. Driving is about 60 minutes from central Tokyo, and there is free parking. You can find Laketown Outlet info on our Tokyo area Outlet Shopping page. 

FlyStation Japan (Saitama) – Indoor Skydiving for 4+ years

Plan to spend about 2 hours at FlyStation. You will need to register, change into the flight suit (there are dressing rooms and lockers), watch the FlyStation Japan (Saitama) - Indoor Skydiving training video, and then take turns with your party of fliers.  The first flight was learning how to enter and fly on the ground level while the structure held the flier. On the second flight, the taxi instructor, and flier when up and down the wind stack, which is about three stores high. If you add more flight older kids would be able to learn how to fly by themselves. FlyStation Japan also offers a fly camp program which is ten flights (this can be completed in one day with great value at 16,000 yen for kids, and 20,000 yen for adults). If you are interested in flight school I recommend you try once and then sign-up.

All flights are filmed and you can download your photos from the internet after for your use and storage.

Notes: Have kids we are clean underwear, socks, and sneakers. Light clothing fits under the flight suit, but jeans and heavier clothing should be removed.

FlyStation Japan (Saitama) - Indoor Skydiving You should reserve your flight plan before visiting the FlyStation. The reservation system is presently only in Japanese but pretty easy to navigate.  Basically, there is a plan for entry and one flight, which includes a standard helmet and flight suit. If your child would like to dress in a superhero suit, they do have rentals for 500 yen extra. Also, full-face helmets are available for 500 yen extra if you are worried about your kid’s face (we did not rent, and the standard helmet was sufficient). There is also a 600 yen option for “Taxi” which is someone to coach/fly with you. Taxi is worth the value and I highly recommend it until your kids learn.

FlyStation Japan Plan Pricing – includes one flight (1 min), standard helmet and standard flight suit
Weekday: kids 4,200 yen, adults 4,500 yen (200 yen discount if your birthday)
Weekends and Holidays: kids 4,700 yen, adults 5,000 yen (200 yen discount if your birthday)
Additional flights cost 5,000 yen per flight

FlyStation Japan (Saitama) FlyStation Japan (Saitama) - Indoor Skydiving

Address: 6-19-3 Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama 343-0828 (google maps)
Phone number (in Japanese): 048-940-5010
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00~20:00, Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays 9:00~20:00
Make a Reservation (in Japanese):
Access: 10 min walk from Koshigaya-Laketown Station on Musashino Line; free parking available
Cost: see info above or check this page

Tokyo Area Indoor Skydiving for 4+ years


FlyStation Japan (Saitama) - Indoor Skydiving
Super Hero Suits
FlyStation Japan (Saitama) - Indoor Skydiving
Flight School
FlyStation Japan (Saitama) - Indoor Skydiving
training video room
Gift shop

If you visit the facility in Saitama we also recommend making a day trip of it and visiting the following locations:

Laketown Outlet Center

The Pocky Factory (Kitamoto, Saitama)

The Railway Museum (Omiya, Saitama)

Little Edo – The town of Kawagoe 

Tokyo Metropolitan Area Underground Flood Control Discharge Area (Kasukabe, Saitama)


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