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Flying Tiger Copenhagen – Unique Party Supplies, Costumes, Interiors and more.

Flying TigerFlying Tiger Copenhagen is a Danish design store that stocks a range of playful and affordable Scandinavian knick-knacks from party and holiday supplies to interior goods. The store is designed like a one-way street that leads you to an array of unique and originally designed products. The price ranges from the cheapest item at 100 yen to the most expensive item at 2000 yen. It`s the Scandinavian version of the Japanese 100 yen shop and Don Quijote combined sans the food.

Flying Tiger kitchenI took a quick browse through the store and found an array of Easter products from Stuffed ducks and bunnies (500 – 1500 yen), to DIY eggs (400 yen), and decorations (300 – 500 yen). They also carry Holiday products by the season (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, etc), an array of ceramics (200 yen – 1000 yen), colourful kitchen goods (aprons priced at 600 yen), bright costumes from butterfly wings 300 – 500 yen to glitter masks and tiaras 100 – 200 yen. All uniquely designed, and nothing over 2000 yen. There`s something for everyone (home, office, gadgets, hobby and wearable products). If you love quirky and affordable items this is the place to check out.

There are 10 Flying Tiger Copenhagen locations in Tokyo and more throughout Japan. Check out your closest location and tell us what you think.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Futakotamagawa Details

Flying Tiger office goodsAddress:  2-27-5 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (Map) (〒158-0094 東京都世田谷区玉川2-27-5 玉川髙島屋S・Cマロニエコート 1F)
Hours: 10:00-21:00 daily
Phone: 03-6411-7322
Access: A 5-min walk from Futakotamagawa Station

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Flying Tiger party goods Flying Tiger Flying Tiger Flying Tiger Flying Tiger interior


Flying Tiger Copenhagen – Unique Party Supplies, Costumes, Interiors and more.


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  1. This looks like a lot of fun and almost like the IKEA stores we have here in the US. My husband and I are lucky enough to be coming to Japan in April (10-22) and I can’t wait to see what you write about for that time period. I’ve had a 30!year love affair with origami so I know no will be in heaven. Thanks for great blog.

  2. Thanks Ellen, you be visit at a beautiful time of the year. Please do check out our list of Japanese crafts and antique stores under shop. You will love many of them since you are an origami fan.

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