The Fly-Tot: A Brilliant Solution for Long Flights with Kids

Taking long-haul flights with kids is a challenge. Getting them to sleep comfortably on an overnight flight is a struggle. Welcome the Fly-Tot, a brilliant solution to help children stretch out and sleep comfortably on long haul flights. Here are our other recommended must haves for frequent fliers. 

Fly-tot cushionsWhat is it?
The Fly-Tot is an inflatable cushion that allows your little ones to stretch out and get comfortable on a regular, economy seat – even sleep. The cushion fits perfectly in the gap between the seat making a great bed or leg rest for your children.

How does it work?
– Place the cushion in the footwell between the seats.
– Use the pump included in the purchase to inflate the bottom portion of the cushion. Once filled seal the valve fly tot cushionthen, inflate the top. Total inflating time about 3 minutes. For a better idea, take a look at the Fly-Tot inflating instructions with photos.

What is the cost?
The Original Fly-Tot with foot pump and strap costs 69.00 USD. They ship internationally.

– Do a test run a test run at home before flying.
– Open the deflate valve and stretch out the Fly-Tot for less inflating time.
– Make sure nothing you need is in the seat back pocket or the floor of the seat as the Fly Tot will fill the space as it is inflated.
– Do not over-inflate. The Fly Tot should be firm and level with the seat.
– We own two Fly Tots. When both my children want to sleep, one likes to lay across two Fly Tots and the other across two seats.

fly-tot travelCons:
– The Fly-Tot is fairly large (Deflated and Folded: 11X5X4 inches. 3lbs, 8 ounces total weight). My husband has no problem carrying two in a backpack however, when I fly alone with two kids I place the Fly tots in a wheeled carry on onboard.
– It makes a slight whistling sound while inflating.
– The Fly-Tot is not officially approved by airlines or the FAA. I had no problems using it on Cathay and Japan Airlines.

I applaud the two moms with young kids who made flying more relaxing for their children. The Fly-Tot has made our long-haul flights less stressful with happier, well-rested kids. Thank you Fly-Tot!

** Best Living Japan is not affiliated in any way to Fly-Tot nor paid for this review. We enjoy sharing our Best Travel Tips for traveling families and Guides for Living in or Traveling to Japan.

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A Brilliant Solution for Long Flights with Kids, the Fly-Tot



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  1. First Class Kids has a similar product for 1/2 the price. I e-mailed Fly Tots asking what were the differences and why they cost so much, but never received a reply.

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