Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

Summer in Japan is hot and humid, but it brings plenty of opportunity for kids to go out and enjoy themselves. Here are our top five ways to protect baby this summer from bugs, heat, UV and dehydration. While kids take advantage of school vacations and longer day light hours, we must also be vigilant in keeping them safe from insects, intense heat, harmful UV rays and other unpleasantries.

Here are five ways to protect your baby this summer.

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***** Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer *****

Stock up on insect repellent

Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

The rainy season provides plenty of opportunity for standing water which becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Plus, increased summer outings means a greater chance of running into insects, too.

Protect little ones from insects with a mosquito net, an insect repellent that hangs from the stroller, stickers that adhere to the stroller and clothing, or wet wipes than can go in your handbag. Keep all repellent away from small hands and mouths, and if ingested consult a pediatrician.

This mosquito net from Angle is compact and can be easily fitted over any stroller.

Hanging Mosquito Vapes (about 1,000 yen) are great if you need mosquito repellent around a window or hook on a stroller. These hanging vapes will last you through the spring and summer and are very versatile.

Wakodo Mushi Kicha Dame! 60 piece sticker set are Amazon’s number one bestseller in its category. Six different koala illustrations add a cute touch to your child’s clothing and stroller while protecting them from bugs. It uses eucalyptus and citronella oils and lasts 6-8 hours.

Wet wipes are a great alternative to sprays. Simply wipe your child’s skin for instant protection from insects. These 30 Sheet Pack of Pigeon Wet Wipes can be used on babies six months and older.


For a reference to the types of insect repellent available for baby, kids and the home, please refer to our guide to mosquito repellent and aid.

Customize your baby carrier, stroller, and car

Top Five Ways to Protect Baby & Kids this Summer

When on the go around town, use a lightweight nursing cape with UV protection. This cover-up from Rafens retails for 5,054 yen and is made in Japan from organic cotton. Simply slip over your neck to use. It can also be used as a cover for a baby carrier or stroller. Comes in ivory and khaki.

While many strollers come with a sun shade, they often don’t extend beyond a child’s face. Attach a shade to the stroller to protect the body and feet from the sun. This extra large one from Midwec is great (2295 yen).

Being in a stroller also means that kids are closer to the heat that rises from asphalt and sidewalks. Keep them cool with Cool Gel Stroller Packs (2716 yen) that are convenient to use and easy to install, and you’re set to go. Please visit our article, Tokyo Hot Summers – How To Keep Your Kids Cool for detailed instructions on how to attach the gel packs to your stroller.

Summer also means family vacations and road trips. When traveling by car, don’t forget to keep kids protected from the UV rays by installing window shades or curtains. This curtain is great to cut UVs while in transit.
Cool Gel Packs can also be used in car seats as well.

***** Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer *****

Dress smartly

Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer


Take precautions by dressing your child in light colored, loose clothing and hats which block harmful UV rays.

Even when water play gives kids much needed relief, keep them safe in UV cut swim wear and swim caps.


***** Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer *****

Don’t forget skincare

Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

Sunscreen is a must have in protecting kids’ delicate skin. For a detailed look at the types of sunscreen available in Japan, check out our sunscreen article.

Treat sunburn by applying a cool moist towel to the affected area, then apply Baby Vaseline (411 yen) to lock in moisture. Follow up with a visit to the pediatrician.


Summer heat brings sweat which can cause heat rashes and other unpleasant and uncomfortable skin ailments. Soothe irritated skin with Poly Baby (556 yen), an OTC non-steroidal ointment.

Relieve itchiness and discomfort caused by insect bites with Muhi Baby (813 yen), OTC care that does not contain alcohol and menthol.


If your headed to the beach, here are recommend items you should pack in your beach bag. 


Stay hydrated

Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

As we sweat, we lose electrolytes and minerals. Help your child replace them by keeping them hydrated with drinks that promote the supply of the lost electrolytes and water. These drinks can be given to babies as young as three months, only give if severely dehydrated, and be sure to check the label and consult a pediatrician.

Generally, babies need only breastmilk or formula to keep them hydrated. Avoid giving these drinks frequently as babies and toddlers may come to prefer such drinks to breast milk or formula.

Never give adult Poccari Sweat, Aquarius, Dakara, etc to children. Even when diluted, the concentration of minerals and electrolytes are too high for young bodies. Always give children drinks specially formulated for children.

When preparing drinks from powder or concentrate, be sure to measure the proper amount and mix according to the directions. Likewise, do not mix with breastmilk or mineral water as the combination will result in too heavy a concentration of minerals for a young child or baby that can result in diarrhea or constipation.

The Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry advises that parents avoid giving ionized drinks to babies and toddlers after bath time. Likewise, it is also recommended to limit consumption before bedtime to prevent tooth decay.

The top rated electrolyte drinks for babies are and toddlers are:

Wakodo Genki Chi! Aqua Light Apple Flavored Drink, 18 125mL packs (1,482 yen)
The first electrolyte drink formulated for babies, Aqua Light is developed by Wakodo.
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, potassium chloride, sodium citrate, citric acid, sodium chloride, flavoring.

Beanstalk Pocari Sweat 4 bottles 120mL each (555 yen)
Beanstalk produces a version of the well-known drink Pocari Sweat that is made just for babies. It is not to be substituted with Pocari Sweat for adults. Safe for babies three months old and up.
Ingredients: fructose, for fruit juice, glucose, table salt, acidulant, potassium chloride, calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride, flavoring.

Pigeon Apple Flavored Sukkiri Aqua, four sets of three 125mL boxes (1,296 yen)
Pigeon Sukkiri Aqua contains 70% less sugar than leading electrolyte drinks. Safe for babies three months old and up. Ingredients: glucose, sodium chloride, citric acid, citric chloride, potassium chloride, sucrose, flavoring.

Aqua Light ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution), three 125mL bottles (324 yen)
Another selection from Wakodo, Aqua Light ORS is gentle on young developing teeth. Safe for babies three months old and up. Ingredients: Sugar, apple juice, sodium chloride, citric chloride, flavoring, potassium chloride.

For ideas on how to have summer fun at home, check out our at home summer oasis article, and How to keep your kids cool in summer.


Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer


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