Family Beach Bag Packing – What To Pack For the Beach in Japan

Family Beach Bag Packing – What To Pack For the Beach in Japan

If you are heading to the beach in Japan, here is our Family Beach Bag Packing List.  This list will differ slightly depending on the age of your kids, but I have four kids 19-6, and we still pack the same stuff. Most beaches in Japan have convenience stores and Umi Houses (ocean restaurant houses) on the beach to sell you anything you may need, but of course, everything is marked up 2X. If you are driving, you can add more items to the list, but if traveling by train best to keep it one bag per person. Pack the night before you depart to make your day even smoother.  Be prepared – be relaxed!

If you have advice on must take items please add in the comments below! Moms helping moms.

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Family Beach Bag Packing – What To Pack For the Family Beach Bag PackingBeach in Japan

For Mom – Things I always take to in my beach bag!

1. Big Beach Bag – One that is either water resistant or a mesh fabric that lets sand drip out! Loving this one on

2. Big Beach Towels – One for each member of the family. We have recently switched to the micro fabric towels which dry super fast and are much more compact. Aska manufacturing sells on and has a good selection.  Buy a big one and you will use it for years – great for traveling.

2. Grass mats or a plastic sheet – (Leisure Sheet in Japanese –レジャーシート マット) – Some beaches are little more “dusty” than others so you might want a bit more protection between your towel and sand.

3. Sunscreen 30+

4. Sunglasses

5. Bug spray – little gnats and mosquitos around 4pm love me.

6. Big floppy hat – Checkout any department store between the months of May – September (3rd week of June summer sales start)

7. Plastic water shoes – Japanese beaches and surrounding areas are very rocking and sometimes sharp. Huge selection on

8. My Kindle paper white for great reading on the beach while kids are napping

9. Portable sunshade tentInvaluable to make everyone comfortable.

10. Plastic bags to haul home trash and wrap wet items.


For the Kids – What each child either wears or carries in their backpack.

Don’t let them pack by themselves. However if you want to empower them, then atleast double check before leaving the house!Family Beach Bag Packing

1.  Hats – Nothing ruins a beach day more than a sunburn ー selection

2. Rash guard shirts  – The sun is very strong in Japan so protect, protect, protect – Amazon kids rash guard selection

3. Water shoes  – To protect feet from broken glass and sharp shells. – kids water shoes

4. Extra pair of clothes for coming home – Many beach days that our kids slept in the second pair of clothes as they were so tired.

5. Goggles or a mask I don’t think kids need  snorkle and fins – keep it simple – selection

Our favorite bucket

6. Fish net and collapsable bucket – Your kids will spend hours in the tidal pools searching for little critters

7. Portable set of sand toys – You can also usually borrow from one of the zillion children on the beach – selection

8. Travel size shampoo and soap – Most public beaches have showers to use before heading back to the city.

Food and Beverages – Public beaches usually have the standard yaki soba, onigiri and hotdogs. However, I always prefer to bring our own lunch and snacks.  I don’t recommend taking obentos since we have lost too many to the sand. Bring simple sandwiches, onigiri and snacks that are individually wrapped or bagged. If one item gets covered with sand, it does not ruin all the food.

1. Invest in a softside cooler tote

2. Individually wrapped sandwiches and onigiri

3. Easy to eat fruit – pre-cut

3. Cheese, nuts, raisins and small crackers

4. Frozen bottles of water and put on the bottom of your bag – kids will love playing with the bottle after the water is gone

Just in Case Items – Pack all these items in an airline travel bag

1. Band-aids – there will be scrapes and small cuts

2. Neosporin or wound disinfectant

3. Anti-ichi lotion for bug bites

4. Aspirin or ibuprofen

Have fun – protect yourself from the sun, but have an awesome day at the beach in Japan.


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Family Beach Bag Packing – What To Pack For the Beach in Japan

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