The Japan Expat Shopping List

The Japan Expat Shopping List – What do you bring back?

imagesThe Japan Expat Shopping List. What do you haul back in your suitcase each trip home?  Compared to 20 years ago (when I was an exchange student), many items can be purchased in Japan at Costco, Amazon or Foreign Buyers Club, but we still stock-up when traveling back. As a mom of four kids ages 3-16 and a dog, we must look like an importer of shoes and food.  I am a firm believe in the bag within the bag packing when traveling home. The bag within a bag reduces packing stress on the return trip. However, make sure you wrap all lotions and liquids in plastic zipper bags in case the spill in transit. Here is my top 10 “expat haul list”, would love to hear yours! Leave a comment below to help others.

Top 10 Expat Shopping List

  1. Family shoes and clothing
  2. Baby/kids meds- cold, congestion, fever, diaper rash Destine, skin lotions
  3. Adult/teens personal hygiene – deodorant, skin remedies, cold meds (cold, fever, sinus), vitamins, oral care brushes/pastes/floss
  4. Art supplies – washable crayons, finger paints, big size Playdoh
  5. Birthday party supplies – balloons, invites, table decorations, cake/cupcake decorations (frosting, sprinkles, and cupcake paper cups)
  6. Cleaning products – magic eraser, spot remover, silver and furniture polish
  7. Special foods – cereals, cornbread and cake mixes, spices
  8. Doggie – snacks, strong dog shampoo, monthly flea & tic med
  9. Mom specific – stockings, panties, bras; skin, hair and personal hygiene products
  10. Comfort zone – scented candles, new sheets and bath salts


The Japan Expat Shopping List


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