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Tokyo Year End Fun 2015

If you are staying in Tokyo this holiday season, we hope you will enjoy our recommendations for Tokyo Year End Fun 2015. Although being away from your home country for the end of year holidays can be hard on the heart, there are Year End Fun 2015: holiday fun tokyogreat activities that make it quite fun to stick around and enjoy the fairly empty and relaxing city.  Christmas and Boxing Day are normal business days, and everything is open. However, most stores and many restaurants are close from midday on December 31st through January 2nd or 3rd. If you would like to celebrate the New Year Japanese style you can study about the necessary preparations at this post.

Tokyo Year End Fun 2015

Five of our favourite activities end of year holiday activities are the following. If you have favourites to share place comment below. Hope to see you out and about!  Happy Holidays Lauren and Sandra

Year End Fun 2015: holiday illuminations1. Illumination Bike Ride – Japanese love their illuminations – cherry trees in the spring, foliage in the fall and holiday lights for Christmas. Tokyo is already aglow with so much light, so get out and enjoy over the next few weeks. A great 2-3 hour family bike ride is from Omotesando to Roppongi Hills to Marunouchi. Illuminations in Roppongi and Omotesando run until December 25th, and Marunouchi’s run until early February.  Start at 5:00 p.m. and enjoy dinner along the way. Remember to wear your helmets and reflective clothing for protection.
Tokyo ice skating

2. Iceskating – I have wonderful childhood memories of skating in flooded yards and the annual skating trip to The Rink at Rockefeller Center.  Share your childhood memories with your kids by skating at the Akasaka Circus Rink (赤坂サカス) from November 28th until February, or the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (アートリンクin横浜
赤レンガ倉庫) from December 5th until late February.

Gala Yuzawa3. Day Ski or Snow TripGala-Yuzawa, opening December 19th for the 2015-2016 season, is an easy 75 minute Shinkansen ride from Tokyo station. Pack a change of clothes and warm socks and head out. You can rent everything at Gala-Yukawa from gloves to jackets and skis. Even if you or your child does not ski, it is still great fun to just play in the snow.

More Building New Years Sunrise4. Watch the First Sunrise of the Year – A Japanese tradition is to watch the first sunrise (hatsu-hinode) on January 1st. The best spots to view in Tokyo that open between early on January 1st are the Tokyo Sky Tree, Roppongi Hills Observatory, and Tokyo Tower. You will need to get tickets to be in the early viewing so review the links above on directions to get tickets.  

5. Visit a Temple on New Years Day – Enjoy your New Year Eve by visiting your local temple or a major one such as Meiji Jingu or Sensoji from mid-night or January 1st Year End Fun 2015 Japanese new yearday. It is a great people watching experience as everyone comes out to pray and pay respects. Return your old amulets and charms from last year and buy new ones or safety, health, education and love for 2016.  


Tokyo Year End Fun 2015

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