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Enchanting World of Kabuki Lecture- Saturday, Jan 24th, 2015

Kabuki BestLivingJapan.comDo you want to learn about Kabuki? What is the history of Kabuki? What are the details of the stories, the dance and the art used in Kabuki? The I-House and KISAKO Intercultural Institute are joint organisers of a lecturer on Kabuki on Saturday, January 24th. The lecture will be in English and is being given by Ms. Aoyagi Yumiko (Associate Professor, Tokyo Seitoku University). This lecture aims to help you appreciate the wonderful heritage of Japan.

Enchanting World of Kabuki Lecture- Saturday, Jan 24th, 2015 Kabuki BestLivingJapan.com

KISAKO Intercultural Institute is also planning to hold an optional Kabuki viewing tour to Kabuki-za in March, 2015 for participants of the January 24th lecture. Details will be announced by Prof. Aoyagi at the lecture.

Details of the lecture

  • Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015, 1:30-3:00 pm
  • Venue: Kabayama-Matsumoto Room, International House of Japan
  • Language: English (without Japanese interpretation)
  • Admission: 2,000 yen (1,500 yen for students and advance payment)
  • Seating: 80 (reservations required)

Enchanting World of Kabuki Lecture

Most Kabuki plays were written during the Edo era, when Japan was a feudalistic country. You may think it is hard to appreciate stories that are so old, and based on such a different culture–especially if you don’t speak Japanese. BuKabuki BestLivingJapan.comt once you go beneath Kabuki’s seemingly complex surface, you will be surprised how similar these stories are to those of modern Japanese people and even to you.

Moreover, Kabuki is great entertainment, refined through the 400 years of its history. You will find many of Japan’s traditional arts and crafts incorporated into the performances. You can marvel at the beauty of the dances by Onnagata (actors who play female roles), cheer the superheroes, laugh at the humor about common people’s daily lives, pity the characters who are caught between their obligations and personal feelings, and shed tears over the affection between unfortunate parents and children.

Speaker Biography – Aoyagi Yumiko (Associate Professor, Tokyo Seitoku University)

Photo: Aoyagi YumikoAoyagi Yumiko has been presenting the wondrous spectacle of Kabuki to students from all over the world for more than twenty years. She has taken foreign students groups approximately 100 times to theaters including Kabuki-za, the venerable Ginza theater, and conducts workshops on Kabuki movements, traditional musical instruments and costumes. A native of Nagano Prefecture, Professor Aoyagi graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, studied at Hope College for a year, and then earned a Master of Arts degree in English literature at the University of California, Berkeley. After returning to Japan she worked for several years as a freelance translator, primarily in the movie industry, then joined the faculty of Meiji Gakuin University, first as a junior assistant and then as a part-time lecturer. Since 1992 she has been Associate Professor of English at Tokyo Seitoku University, and during that time she has also given annual lectures on Kabuki to Hope College students, as well as teaching Kabuki for the past ten years for the International Student Program at Meiji Gakuin.


I-House — http://www.i-house.or.jp/index.html

International House of Japan is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization incorporated in 1952 with the aim of promoting cultural exchange and intellectual cooperation between the people of Japan and those of other countries. Inspired by the beautiful traditional garden which surrounds the clean yet graceful design of its buildings, both foreign and Japanese visitors can come together in creative dialogue and relaxed contemplation.

Kisako — http://www.kisako.com/

Kisako Intercultural Institute has mainly offered Japanese language instruction for non-native speakers of Japanese since its establishment in 1992.  In 2008, it also started Japanese culture courses for people who are interested in learning Japanese culture in English.


Enchanting World of Kabuki Lecture- Saturday, Jan 24th, 2015


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