Dratec Racing Simulators, Shinsaibashisuji, Osaka

Dratec** Moved to Namba Nihonbashi. Please check new rates.  ***  We stumbled across Dratec (ドラテク) Racing Simulator shop while exploring Shinsaibashi suji, one of Osaka`s oldest and busiest shopping districts. Dratec Driving Technique houses four race car simulators consisting of triple screen displays, audio and vibration systems and software that includes 100 tracks from around the world. These simulators are actually used by professional race car drivers to practice when they don`t have access to a track.

DratecCurious we stopped in for a test drive. Little A was too short to reach the accelerator, but the staff made an exception and added a booster seat as well as a pillow to help him reach the accelerator. Drivers should be at least 120cm to use the simulators. He put on his racing gloves, selected his race car and track, started the engine and was on his way. I could see he needed some assistance when on turns so I helped. I could feel the resistance when turning the wheel as well as shaking when Little A ran off the track. 5 min flew by. He loved it.

DratecI could see this being a popular activity for racing fanatics and a great location for small parties. Drastic Driving Technique charges 500 JPY for 3 min or 1000 JPY for 10 min for using the simulators. If you pick up a flyer on the front desk they have a 2 min extension tab located on the bottom left of the flyer that you can use at no extra charge (use only once per day).


DratecDratec Racing Simulators, Namba Nihonbashi, Osaka Details:

Address: 2-7-7 Namba, Niniwa-ku, Osaka (大阪府大阪市浪速区 難波中2丁目7-7 556-0011)
Phone: 06-6567-9992
Hours: Daily 13:00 – 5:00am the next day.
Access:  4 minutes from Namba Station.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DratecNambaNihonbashi/


Dratec Dratec


Dratec Racing Simulators, Shinsaibashisuji, Osaka


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