Donate or Sell Used Clothes in Tokyo

So if you have been in Tokyo for more than a few seasons and love clothes than you are probably ready and wondering how to donate or sell used clothes in Tokyo.  Watch my video on youtube to see how my clothes purge went. To get motivated, I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Mari Kondo and also watched YouTube videos on purging clothes. The added difficulty in Japan is finding a place you can donate all the clothes so I have added some recommendations below. 

Donate or Sell Used Clothes in TokyooHow to Purge Clothes in Tokyo

To get ready, I booked a day free on my calendar and prepared my purging space (boxes and sheet). I spent 5 hours on my clothes purge. The result is an incredibly organised and 30% slimmed down wardrobe which now includes only clothes that bring me joy. I have produced a nine-minute video to document the entire scary process in case any of you needs motivation. Below is also a list of places that you can donate clothes and some homeware goods, as well as, some Facebook groups in Tokyo and Japan that you can sell or give away products.

I will be conducting the same process with all four of my kids’ and hubby’s clothes over the next week and then on to the kitchen, books, etc. I already feel so much lighter!

Now go purge. Less is more.

Donate or Sell Used Clothes in Tokyo
Donate or Sell Used Clothes in Tokyo

Resources to help you find a new home for your clothing and houseware.

Salvation Army –  Call in Japanese for an appointment to pick-up 03-5860-2992. Pick-up days are Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday between 9:30 – 16:00 (no weekends).  You can also drop off or send to their center, but you must pay postage cost. Call before sending or dropping off. The address is: 2-21-2 Wada, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo 166-0012. Here is their Japanese website for more information. I used there pick-up option recently and it went very smoothly. Highly recommend.

Yofuku Post – One-day drop-off centers are organized throughout Tokyo. The schedule changes monthly so check this Japanese website.  They accept good condition clothes, bedding, and towels.

We 21 Japan – Is a great charity that has used clothing and homewares stores in Japan and also sends tons of products overseas to support people in need. They do not pick-up product, but you can send in your good conditions clothing and homewares such as tableware and linens. See their Japanese website for details.  Send cardboard boxes of product to the following address for delivery on WEDNESDAYs. WE21ジャパンエコものセンター, 〒252-1121, 神奈川県綾瀬市小園822-1(Tel/Fax:0467-76-0309).

Facebook Group – Mottainai Japan is a group open to all residents of Japan.How to Purge Clothes in Tokyo3
Saving the environment by passing on unwanted items for free. All posts are for free products no selling is allowed.

Facebook Group – Tokyo Garage Sale Pick-up Only  – Great place to list items you have for sale and don’t want to bother sending. If you are looking for baby stuff and home items, this is a great FB group.

Facebook Group –  In Search Of Japan –   This group is very helpful if you are looking for something second hand or trying to find a new home for some of your belongings.  In Search of Japan is a group for people looking for items. It is open to anyone living in Japan.

Facebook Group – Tokyo Sayonara Sales – Postings for items for sale for pick-up or via delivery. There is also another similar group with a similar name Tokyo Sayonara Sale.

Local Ward Offices (Kuyakusho) – Check with your local ward office for clothing donations. Some wards (e.g. Nerima Ward) has a rotating sequence of locations around the area (community center/library/etc.) where one can take bags of clothes/blankets and donate them during designated times.


Donate or Sell Used Clothes in Tokyo


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  1. Tokyoshirokuma

    One idea not mentioned here is to check with your local ward office for clothing donations. I live in the Nerima Ward, and there is a rotating sequence of locations around the area (community center/library/etc.) where one can take bags of clothes/blankets and donate them during designated times. The schedule is on the Nerima Ward website, so it is easy to see when the donation truck will nearby. Your ward might also have such a donation system in place.

  2. Does anyone have a suggestion for a way to recycle clothing or shoes (mostly athletic) that are too worn to donate?

  3. I would like to buy used clothes to sell in my country.
    Any idea how to get the used clothes in Japan?
    which organizations should I look for?

    • Hi Chia, Not our area of specialty but you can find many used clothing stores in the Harajuku and Shimokitazawa areas.

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