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domodomo Japan – Cool Iconic Japan T-Shirts

domodomo Japan has launched a line of iconic graphic t-shirts that show what we as moms love about Japan. domodomo is an exclusive collaborative between Best Living Japan and graphic designer Ilana Dashe. No more tacky t-shirts from Japan – these make great gifts for family and friends in Japan or overseas. Choose from nine different designs all printed on high quality 100% cotton. T-shirts are available in kids (2,500 yen), women and men’s sizes (3,500 yen). There is a detailed size chart on all shirt pages to make sure you are ordering the perfect one!

 Order today and receive in 3 business days within Japan (500 yen)  and one week overseas (2,000 yen). We know you will love these. Pick your designs and size below to order today! 

domodomo T-shirt Designs – Summer 2019-2020

domo domo japan t-shirt, sarurugby
Saru Rugby
domo domo japan t-shirt, darumatogether
Daruma Together
domo domo japan t-shirt, floweringjapan
Flowering Japan
domo domo japan t-shirt, kabuto
Kabuto Family
domo domo japan t-shirt, kokeshi
domo domo japan t-shirt, koi school
Mt Onigiri
domo domo japan mama koi t-shirt
Koi Mama
domo domo japan t-shirt ,kokeshi three sisters
Kokeshi Sisters
domo domo japan t-shirt, koi school
Koi School

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  1. Regine Pocsatko


    I just read the article about the new T-Shirts.
    Can I only order them online or is there a physical store to try on the size?

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Regine Pocsatko

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