Dominos Pizza Academy for Kids – Create & Take Home!

The Dominos Pizza Academy course is a fun 1-hour session where kids learn how a pizza is made and how the pizza store works. The best part? They get to take their creation home and eat it! My son and his kindergarten friends spent their first summer holiday at a Dominos Pizza-making course. They loved it!

We called to make a reservation. The kids were greeted by the trainers, wore the Dominos-logo`ed apron and cap, and washed their hands. They got in a single file line and with the staff started flattening the dough. They then doused it with sauce, cheese and their choice of toppings. The kids got really creative (with the help from their mothers) adding shrimp, chicken, ham, sausage and spinach Dominos Pizza 2to their pizza. They placed it on the conveyor belt and waited 7 min for the pizzas to enter, bake and exit the oven. The staff then helped each student slice and box their pizzas, congratulated them and gave each a Dominos Kids Pizza Academy card with a coupon code in back that gives them a free, small size potato wedges for each pizza order until they reach adult age!

Our pizza making experience with pizza, apron and coupon code was 1500 yen. We had the option to purchase the cap for an additional 500 yen. Definitely an experience the kids, and their younger siblings enjoyed.

Dominos Pizza 3There are over 100 Dominos Pizza-making locations in Tokyo. Some locations offer an English course. Call to make a reservation.

* Apron/Cap set vary with location.

*Prices are subject to change. Please contact your Dominos location for updated prices.

A course 1389 yen (plus tax). Pizza-making experience with take-home pizza & coupon.
B course 1852 yen (plus tax). Pizza-making experience with take-home pizza, coupon and gift (apron & cap).

Website: (in Japanese)
dominos pizza academydominos pizza academy Dominos Pizza

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Dominos Pizza Academy for Kids

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