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DIY Factory BestLivingJapanIf you love DIY and you want to get you or your hands dirty, then you have to visit the creative shop called DIY Factory in Futako-Tamagawa. This store is fascinating they sell DIY products, have DIY workshops, and offer workshop space and tool rental.  As a true blood DIYer, DIY is my dream store.


DIY Factory

At the DIY Factory, you can buy or rent the latest power tools, purchase home improvement products from paints (regular, magnetic and chalkboard) and lots of other great items to make your home a little more “you”.
DIY Factory BestLivingJapan

They also offer workshops that are super fun for a weekday event, or with Mom or Dad on the weekend. You can read the workshop schedule in Japanese here. Even thought the workshops are in Japanese they are very hands-on so if your Japanese is not great you will be fine (my opinion).  Some interesting workshops being offered this month are cement planters, wooden shelves, and colorful kendama (see pictures below). Most classes are 60-90 mins and cost between 1.000 – 5,000 yen. Adults can attend all, elementary and up can attend most, but there are limited workshops for under elementary. Review each workshop page for details. 

DIY Factory BestLivingJapan DIY Factory BestLivingJapan DIY Factory BestLivingJapan




The workshop area can be rented for 1,000 yen for the 1st hour and then 500 yen for every 30 min interval afterwards. There is a wide selection of tools available and included in the rental fee. Great workspace if you child has a Scout or school project needing tools. More details here.

You can also rent a jig saw and other power tools for two days and three nights for a rate of 500 yen. Makes great economical sense if you just have a weekend project to complete. For the complete list of rental tools and rates view here. 

DIY Factory BestLivingJapanThis Osaka-based company has only two locations today (Osaka and Futako-Tamagawa). Hopefully, they will be successful and expand to more locations. I also recommend while you are in Futako-Tamagawa to have lunch at 100 Spoons!

DIY Factory Details

Address: Futako-Tamagawa S.C. Terrace Market, 1-14-1, Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku
Phone: 03-6432-7025
Business hours: 10:00 – 21:00DIY Factory BestLivingJapan
Access:5 min walk from Futako-Tamagawa station on the Den-en-toshi Line (connects directly to Hanzomon Line)

DIY Factory (Futako-Tamagawa)


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the write up on this. I was there about two weeks ago and about 10 minutes too late to go in and see what the shop was all about. Will be stopping in for a proper visit soon.

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