Dinosaur Park (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Dinosaur Park ShinagawaKodomo no Mori Koen (子供の森)- better known as Dinosaur Park Shinagawa – is a fantastic place to take your dinosaur-loving kids. There are eight colorful dinosaurs in the park; a bright T-rex, large Hadrosaurid, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Dimetrodon to name a few, and plenty of space to run around.

We revisted the park over the sunny weekend. The kids enjoyed exploring the different dinosaurs, swinging on the rope swing and even watched a few innings of a JHS baseball game. They also enjoyed watching the trains and shinkansen go by while riding their bikes in the open area across the river from the park.

Dinosaur Park ShinagawaDinosaur Park Shinagawa is filled with cherry blossoms in Spring, colorful leaves in autumn, and offers water play under the tall piping in summer. A great spot to take your kids all year round.

If you come by car there are three separate lots down the small street adjacent to the park. Train access is a short 5-min walk from the park.

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Dinosaur Park Playground has the following equipment:

Dinosaur Park Shinagawa– Eight colorful dinosaurs
– Two swings (one baby, one regular swing)
– Rope swing
– Climbing equipment shaped like tree stumps
– One slide
– Dragon boat
– Water play in summer
Dinosaur Park Shinagawa water play– Toilets (no diaper changing table)
– Vending machine
– Picnic tables and plenty of benches
– Baseball diamond next to the park

Dinosaur Park Shinagawa Details:

Dinosaur Park ShinagawaAddress: 3-10-3 KitaShinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (東京都品川区北品川3-10-13) Google Map
Access: A 5-min walk from Shin-Banba Station
Phone: 03-5791-3553



Dinosaur Park Shinagawa swing Dinosaur Park Shinagawa stumps Dinosaur Park Shinagawa benches Dinosaur Park ShinagawaDinosaur Park Shinagawa


Dinosaur Park Shinagawa (子供の森 Kodomo no Mori)



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