Decorated Umbrella

Rainy Day Craft – Decorated Umbrellas – Never Lose Your Umbrellas Again

Cheer up in all this rain by making decorated umbrellas. Not only will you have a fun umbrella it will decrease the chance of being taken by other folks. Japanese clear umbrellas are great since they are so inexpensive and 100% see through. Everything can be purchased at your local 100 yen store like Daiso and other craft stores. This craft takes 10 – 60 mins and costs about 300 – 700 JPY per umbrella. Making Slime is also a great rainy day activity – check out our where to buy and how to make Japan Slime post.

Rainy Day Craft – Decorated Umbrellas – Never Lose Your Umbrellas Again

Items neededDecorated Umbrella

– clear umbrellas (usually 200 – 500 yen)

– vinyl tape in multiple colors (sold in most 100 yen stores)

– stickers – allow your child to chose their favorites

– permanent markers that can write on plastic

Decorated Umbrella

Decorated Umbrella


1. Open the umbrella and apply tape, and marker drawings on the inside of the umbrellaDecorated Umbrella

2. Stickers are usually only one sided so if you want to see the sticker from the outside of the umbrella you need to stick on the outside

3. Tape the handle in a bright color or design (helps with recognition when folded).

***Note: Do not take the shaft or ribs of the umbrella or it will not close

Great craft for Japan Kids

Decorated Umbrella Decorated Umbrella


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  1. LOVE the “decorate your umbrella” idea! So clear and so easy! I hope you won’t mind if I share it with everybody under the sun. (I wouldn’t claim it as my own, I promise!)

    Also, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your newsletter even though I have no kids. I save each of them and refer to them frequently. I always check the shrine sale and flea market listings and have particularly enjoyed your items about craft supply places. I often traipse into Tokyo from out here in rural Saitama just to go to one of the places you’ve introduced. Please keep up the good work and never stop!

  2. I wonder if you may have information on places to find/purchase second hand taiko and accessories in Tokyo? Or if a particular fleamarket may be best?

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