Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids

Start your morning off at Ivy Place, one of our favorite breakfast spots on our list of Top Tokyo breakfast & brunch recommendations. Located in the stylish Daikanyama T-Site complex, Ivy Place opens daily from 7:00 a.m. and offers a variety of breakfast choices that change with the season. Patrons have the choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Indoor seating is spacious and lovely; outdoors surrounded with foliage. Because their garden terrace is popular and crowded on nice weather days we highly recommend reserving in advance.

Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids

Wondering what to do for one day in Tokyo? Pick your favorite day from our Tokyo one day itineraries with kids. Read our complete itinerary on what to see and do during your stay. Pick and choose your favorites and have fun!

After lunch browse the Daikanyama T-site Tsutaya store that is filled with books, music, movies and lounge. Parents and little ones love browsing the kids section located on the 2nd floor of Tsutaya Building I, or the Bornelund imported toy store with small play area to test out new toys. In addition, you can also test out electrically assisted bikes at the Motovelo bike store.


***** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids *****


Another family-friendly brunch spot is Blu Jam Cafe. Hidden a 1-min walk from Daikanyama Station sits the cozy and spacious Blu Jam Cafe. Blu Jam Cafe serves a tasty selection of European-infused Vegan, Gluten-Free and Vegetable dishes that are Instagram worthy with brunch served all-day.

Blu Jam Cafe, a non-smoking establishment, offers Free Wifi, rare at most cafes, fresh juices and strong brews from Rwanda and Costa Rica. 


Blu Jam Cafe Tokyo


Kyu Asakura House is a gem hidden. This beautiful 1919 house and expansive gardens are an excellent example of Taisho period architecture and landscaping. The house is a very large two story structure that is solid wood and has been restored beautifully. In addition the garden that is built on a slope is lush and soothing in the heat. Kids will also enjoy the visit since there is a lot to climb and explore. Kyu Asakura House is located directly across the street from Gohanya Isshin, a delicious Japanese lunch spot. Details below.


Kyu Asakura House (Daikanyama)

Kyu Asakura House BestLivingJapan







***** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids *****

Isshin Rice House

Gohanya Isshin (ごはんや 一芯) is one of our favorite traditional Japanese restaurants, and hidden gems, to take friends visiting Tokyo.

Gohanya Isshin sits hidden at the basement of a pale, yellow brick building. After visiting the Kyu Asakura House grounds, walk down the wide, spiral staircase and be impressed by the modern, Japanese style entrance. Next slide open the entrance door, take off your shoes and wait to be seated.

Lunch sets are served with your choice of a Main (An assorted Sashimi and Tempura mixed plate, assorted Sashimi only, Tempura, Grilled Mackerel, Crabmeat Croquette, Deep-fried Chicken Thigh, Japanese Omelette, and Japanese Braised Pork Belly), rice served in an ohitsu  – a Japanese rice serving bowl, miso soup, Japanese pickles and two small side dishes for 950 yen – 1800 yen. Rice is served, and refilled, in the ohitsuto keep the rice warm and fluffy.

Isshin Rice House Isshin Rice House

Isshin Rice House

***** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids *****

Three Twins Organic

Grab organic ice cream at Three Twins. Three twins is a Californian-born ice cream shop that offers 11 different flavours of natural ice cream without artificial colourings, seasonings and preservatives. Popular flavors are Madagascar Vanilla, the sweet-and-sour blend of orange and chocolate named Chocolate Orange Confetti, and the San Francisco fave, Sea Salt Caramel. They also carry lemon cookie, mint confetti, mexican chocolate and dad`s cardamom among others. Located inside Daikanyama station it`s a great spot to grab something sweet before venturing out.

Three Twins Organic Three Twins Organic

Take a stroll down Log Road, a collection of free-standing boutique shops, cafés and brewery.

***** Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids *****

Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids - Tokyo Terrace

Hacienda Del Cielo (アシエンダ デル シエロ) is a great spot for lunch or dinner. The place is lively and beautifully put together. Lofty ceilings with floor to ceiling windows, lounge-like seating, and a beautiful and spacious rooftop terrace with views of Tokyo. Non-smoking till 11pm too! Great for an early dinner (until 7pm during the week) with kids.

Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids

Do you have a spot to recommend? Leave in our comment section below.

P.S. Visit our Daikanyama Area Guide for more family-friendly things to do. 

P.S.S. Nakameguro and Ebisu are one train stop away (less than a 15 minute walk). Try our Tokyo One Day Itinerary in the Ebisu Area with Kids or our Tokyo One Day Itinerary in Nakameguro with Kids.

Tokyo One Day Itinerary: Daikanyama with Kids


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