Daikanyama T-site (Daikanyama, Tokyo)

Opened just last month, Daikanyama T-site is a low-rise complex of shops, eateries and a huge Tsutaya. This place is sure to attract a huge crowd due to the well-designed architecture, greenery, and places to shop, eat & socialize.

Spend an afternoon shopping for music/books at Tsutaya, battery assisted bikes at Motovelo, specialty cameras, or toys at BorneLund. Grab a drink or bite at Ivy Place, the 2nd floor lounge at Tsutaya or even Starbucks. There is plenty of room to lounge indoors and out. You can even take your dog (one of the larger buildings holds a dog-grooming salon which includes a sawdust-covered “dog-garden”).

Nursing room, baby changing room, patio seating and parking available.


Daikanyama T-site


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