D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Building

D47 Shokudo (Shibuya, Tokyo) – Regional Japanese Meals Awesome View

If your kids are into trains and construction, D47 Shokudo is a great place to enjoy lunch or an afternoon tea. D47 is a great place to try food from different prefectures in Japan. From the 8th-floor-restaurant, you have a great view of Shibuya and Shibuya station which is presently under construction. My daughter loved watching the D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari BuildingGinza and Yamanote line trains go in and out of the station. Like its sister Japanese crafts and food store D47 on the same 8th floor, the Shokudo’s goal is to offer food from the 47 prefectures in Japan. For lunch, you can choose from a choice of six-seven set menus from different prefectures. One set menu was enough for my four-year-old daughter and me to share. The restaurant has highchairs and provides child-size D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Buildingdishes and utensils.

D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Building – Regional Japanese Meals Awesome View

The lunch menu offers six to seven set meals – usually two types of meat, two fish and two vegetarian for 1,200 – 1,780 JPY per set. The D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Buildingsets include a main dish, side dish of vegetables, soup, rice, pickles, and tea. The ingredients are mostly organic and come from all over Japan. Each set menu notes the origin prefecture. Menus are available in English. We enjoyed the fried Aji and the Soba meals, as well as, a side of the cold tofu. The food was well prepared and beautifully presented. My daughter was thrilled D47 Shokudo hadD47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Building a chair and eating utensils “just right” for her. D47 is a great place to enjoy some new Japanese meals that one may not have had a chance to enjoy before.

If you plan to have lunch at D47 arrive before 11:30 or you will need to wait 10-20 mins. For dinner best to make reservations. Also note: the restaurant does not have a bathroom so best to visit the 8th-floor bathrooms (far corner fo the same floor) before ordering your meal.

D47 Shokudo Details
Address: Shibuya Hikari Building 8th floor, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6427-2303
Business Hours: Everyday 11:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 – 22:30
Website: http://www.hikarie8.com/d47shokudo/about.shtml (Japanese only)
D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari BuildingAccess: 5 min walk from Miya Masuzaka-guchi (Hikari shopping building) from Shibuya Station
Note: Strollers allowed, high chairs and child dishes and utensils provided.


D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari BuildingD47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Building D47 Shokudo, Shibuya Hikari Building

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