D2 Home Center (Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo) – Plant an Urban Garden and Everything For Japan Apartment Living

Time to plant your spring garden. D2 Home Center is one of my favorite places to shop in Tokyo. Everything you need for apartment living. Great if you are spring cleaning and need boxes, cleaning products or organizational plastic storage boxes. If you are ready to start a flower or vegetable veranda garden D2 home center is one stop shopping. They also have all the basics from toilet paper to bottled water. There are a close to 200 D2 home centers in Japan, and over 10 in Tokyo. The closest one to our apartment is the Mita branch. Most of the time I walk or bike, but if I am buying a seasonal plant haul or some other
Tokyo herb garden, D2 home center
bulky item I drive. Love their free parking. About as close as you can get to Home Depot in central Tokyo. Start a project today! Our other favorite home center is Super Viva which has a huge store with parking in Toyosu.

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D2 Home Center (Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo) – Plant an Urban Garden and

Everything For Japan Apartment Living

D2 Home Center Tokyo, Best Living Japan

D2 Home Center Departments include

D2 Home Centers Tokyo
Storage supplies

Gardening, pets, lumber and building materials, painting materials, electrical, storage, curtains and carpets, moving materials, cleaning products, kitchen and bathroom products, small electronics, and seasonal supplies.



D2 Home Center Tokyo

D2 Home Center Details

Address: Japan store locator (Japanese language only);
Mita branch is located at 4-2-20 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: Mita brand 03-5442-5828
Operating hours; Everyday from 9:30 – 19:30. Please check website for holidays.
Access: A 10 min walk from Shirogane-Takanawa station or Mita station both on the Mita line; or a 15 min walk from Tamachi station on the Yamanote line. Very close to the Temple University Mita Building.
Website: https://www.keiyo.co.jp/
Note: Free parking available for over about 20 cars on the 1st floor of the building

D2 Home Center – Everything you need for Japan apartment living

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  1. I am looking for a small, electronic car refrigerator. These are common in Australia, but rare elsewhere. Does D2 have anything I could buy for my upcoming camping trip in Japan?

  2. Michelle Richter


    Wondering if i can buy bags of sand or gravel at D2. If yes, do they deliver? Thanks for your advice.

  3. Do you sell cymbidium, wild or hybrid, in your store?

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