Common Illnesses and Terms Among Young Children in Japan

We`ve listed a few of the most common illnesses among young children in Japan; the Japanese pronunciation, English translation and ways to describe sickness / pain. Please keep this list handy when visiting your local Japanese clinic. If you have some to add please leave in the comment section below.

Japanese Pronunciation: English (kanji / hiragana)
– Netsu: Fever (熱 / ねつ)
– Influenza: Flu (インフルエンザ)
– Geri: Diarrhea (下痢 / げり)
– Benpi: Constipation (便秘 / べんぴ)
– Kaze ga aru: has a cold (風邪 / かぜ)
– Seki ga deru: has a cough/couging (咳 / せき)
– Hanamizu ga deru: runny nose (鼻水が出る / はなみずがでる)
– HFMD: Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (infection usually in summer)
– Norouirusu: Norovirus (ノロウイルス)
Kafunsho: Hay fever (花粉症 / かふんしょ)
– Ketsumakuen: Conjuctivitis / pink eye (けつまくえん)
– Atama Shirami: Head Lice (頭しらみ / あたまジラミ)
Mizuibo: Water Warts (水いぼ / みずいぼ)
– Mushiba: Cavity or toothache (虫歯 / むしば)
– Hosshin/hassin: Rash (発疹 / ほっしん or はっしん)
– Kikanshien: bronchitis (気管支炎 / きかんしえん)
– Mizuboso: Chicken Pox (水疱瘡 / みずぼうそう)
– Haku: Vomit (はく)
Kemushi: Inflammation/Hives from Caterpillar Hairs (毛虫 / けむし)

Ways to describe sickness / pain:
“it hurts”: itai (痛い / いたい)
“throat / head / stomach / ear hurts”: nodo / atama / onaka / mimi ga tai
“My throat hurts”. –> Nodo ga itai desu. (のどが痛い)
“I feel like vomiting”: hakisou (吐きそう / はきそう)
“to have hit, to have bumped”: butsuketa (ぶつけた)
“fell down”: koronde ita (転んで いた)
“bleeding”: chi ga deru (血が出る)
“bloody nose”: hanaji ga deru (鼻血が出る)
“itchy”: kayui(かゆい)
“I have no appetite”: Shokuyoku ga arimasen  (食欲がありません / しょくよくがありません)

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Common Illnesses and Terms Among Young Children in Japan

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