Best Living Japan Cooking Classes

Best Living Japan Cooking Classes – 2019 Fall

Join a few Best Living Japan Cooking Classes!  All Cooking Classes are held in the professional cooking studio @  Best Living Japan @ 3-17-12 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Best Living Japan was founded by creative and busy moms whose only goal is to make living and traveling to Japan fun and enjoyable. Come learn something new and make some great friends. Learn, Laugh and Live!! is our motto. Classes can be signed-up one-by-one or as a group. Pay as you go, or get a discount by buying a set of Best Living Japan vouchers which are valid for one year from purchase date and can be used by friends and family. Click here for discount voucher information. Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for September-December 2019 courses.

Thursday, November 21 (9:00-12:00) – Japanese Home Cooking: Handmade Ramen
Learnings: How to make Ramen broth
Main: Ramen
Sides: Gyoza & Salad
* Ramen noodles will be store bought.
Friday, November 22 (9:00-12:00) –  Japanese Home Cooking 9: Introduction to Fermentation (* Gluten free version available. Please let us know in advance.)
Learnings: Learn about fermented foods in Japan and the natural benefits; including, Miso, Pickles, Natto, Shio Koji
Main: Salmon in Shio Koji and Chicken in Shio Koji
 Side 1: Tsukemono (Japanese pickles), Side 2: Greens with Miso Vinaigrette, Rice.
Take home: Make your own shiokoji to take home and ferment.
Thursday, December 5 (9:00-12:00) – Japanese Home Cooking: Teriyaki Chicken (* Gluten free version available. Please let us know in advance.)
Learnings: How to make Teriyaki Sauce
Main: Teriyaki Chicken
Sides: 2 sides & Rice
Friday, December 6 (9:00-12:00) –  Japanese Home Cooking 10:  Introduction to Noodles
Learnings: Learn about Japanese noodles (udon, somen, soba and ramen)
Main 1: Curry Udon, Main 2: Ramen
 Side 1: Tempura  Side 2: Ramen Eggs and Chashu (BBQ Pork)
* Udon and Ramen noodles will be store bought.
Thursday, December 12 (9:00-12:00) – Japanese Home Cooking: Temari and Temaki Sushi 
(* Gluten free version available. Please let us know in advance.)
Learnings: How to make Temari and Temaki Sushi
Main: Temari & Temaki
Friday, December 13 (9:00-12:00) –  Japanese Home Cooking 11: Introduction to Japanese Party Food (* Gluten free version available. Please let us know in advance.)
Learnings: Learn how to make five great party finger foods for holiday platers or party appetizers.
Menu: Temaki Sushi, Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken), Two Types of Yakitori Skewers, Tamagoyaki
Monday, December 16 (16:00-19:00) – Japanese Home Cooking EVENING: Tonkatsu (Fried Pork)
Learnings: How to make Tonkatsu
Main: Tonkatsu
Sides: Curry Rice & Salad

Teacher Introduction

Born in Aomori Japan, raised in the USA and the Netherlands, Yuki loves cooking (and eating!) and shares her passion for cooking with expats and tourists from all over the world. Her dishes are based on popular homemade Japanese cooking that anyone can easily cook, based on her mom’s recipe. She is a graduate of Waseda University, and the Japan Food Coordinator School and is a Certified Food Sanitation Supervisor by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.

Japanese cooking teacher

Born and raised in Kamakura, a beautiful beach town 1 hour from Tokyo, Yuki N. began her passion for cooking and teaching through her mother’s cooking classes.
Yuki N. lived in London and Paris and worked as an interior designer then moved to Los Angeles and started to teach cooking and “Omotenashi”, how to create beautiful table settings. She has taught for over 10 years.

I’m so happy to meet you and share my passion for cooking.

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