Chokkura Home Stay Japan

Chokkura Home Stay Japan – Searching for Host Families

Chokkura Home Stay Japan“Chokkura Home Stay (CHS) is a nonprofit organization providing short term homestay with non-Japanese families residing in Japan to less privileged Japanese children and those who don`t have the opportunity to go abroad. Our vision is to create the opportunity for cultural & language exchange to promote the globalization of the young and create a world where people value different cultures other than their own and develop children who will make a positive change to our future.”

“The homestay seeks to reach out to the children/students in orphanages and rural areas, as well as children/students from single families and who have no opportunities to go overseas to experience a different culture.”

Chokkura Home Stay Japan“In order to contribute to Japan’s educational gap and globalization, NPO Chokkura Home Stay is providing a Domestic Home Stay program for Japanese teenagers up to 18 years of age. The program is mainly designed for the teenagers who are not able to go abroad because of financial issues. In Japan, there are many students who have a little opportunity to communicate with people from abroad. We want to provide the opportunity to experience cultural differences and to contribute to Japanese globalization.  If you are residing in Japan, why not become a host family and welcome a Japanese student?”

Chokkura Home Stay JapanBenefits of becoming a host family:

・learn about Japanese culture
・positively contribute to Japanese society
・your child/children can play with participants
・your child/children to experience something new and unique

We ask that you welcome the guest for at least 3 hours. Of course if you are able to welcome the guest for a night or more, that would be wonderful. If you are interested in our program, please visit our website for more detail.

Chokkura Home Stay Japan

Chokkura Home Stay

If you are interested in being a host family, you can apply at the following link.


Chokkura Home Stay Japan – Searching for Host Families


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