Central Sports Club Kids` Classes – Swimming, Phys Ed, Ballet and More!

Central Sports Club has a number of great classes where kids can learn and develop new skills such as swimming, dance, phys ed and more. Since its establishment, they have produced over 2 million graduates through their kids` sports classes. They have fully trained instructors, seasonal camps, offer a free shuttle bus to and from the club, and an added bonus a heated indoor pool for year-round swim classes (vary by location). With over 180 locations and partnered clubs in Japan, 40 in Tokyo, it`s a great and cost-effective way for your kids to learn and develop new skills.

Central Sports Club offers the following classes for kids:

  • Swimming
  • Physical Education
  • Dance
  • Sports and Culture (Calligraphy, Ballet, Karate, Cheerleading, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Golf)
  • Outdoor Camps (Nature walks, fruit picking, skiing, travel)

Application Process (in Japanese).

  • Fill out the application form at your local club or online.
  • At the club you will need your ID, child, photo of your child and banking information.
  • Payment for the first 2 months as well as uniform purchase to be made that day. Future payments are made via bank transfer.
  • Tip: Your local sports club might have an affiliation with the kindergarten / elementary school your child attends. Inquire and you may receive a free sports bag. Also, look for special campaigns as you may receive discounts off club uniforms / merchandise.
  • Request the Central Sports FREE shuttle bus time table and route map. Sign up early as there may be a waitlist to ride the bus. Note children elementary school age and up can ride the bus alone. Younger kids must ride with an adult.

Fees: (vary by club. Please contact your local club for prices)

  • Sports and Culture classes = around 7500 yen / month for 4 classes.
  • Kids swimming and phys ed = 7927 yen / month for 4 classes (once a week) or 9763 yen /  month for 8 classes (twice a week). Kids have the option to take two different classes (swim/phys ed/dance) a week.
  • Outdoor Camp fees depend on the activity.

Seasonal Outdoor Camps

Central Sports Club offers seasonal camps from fruit picking to skiing to nature hikes. It`s great way for your kids to bond and have fun. Visit their 2017 Winter Snow Camps list.

Central Sports Locations:

Central Sports Club Minami Aoyama Address: Collezione B1, B2F 6-1-3 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Central Sports Club Minami Aoyama Website: http://www.central.co.jp/club/minamiaoyama/index.html
Central Sports Club Jiyugaoka Address: 1-14-17 Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0031
Central Sports Club Jiyugaoka Website: http://www.central.co.jp/club/jiyugaoka/index.html
Central Sports Club Meguro Address: 2-26-7 Chuo-cho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0001
Central Sports Club Meguro Website: http://www.central.co.jp/club/meguro/index.html
Central Sports Club Kasai Address: 3-33-12 Nakasakaishi Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 134-0083
Central Sports Club Kasai Website: http://www.central.co.jp/club/cw-kasai/index.html
Additional locations in the Tokyo Area.


Central Sports Club Kids` Classes – Swimming, Phys Ed, Ballet and More!


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