Spring in Tokyo, SPRING THINGS TO DO in Japan

Spring is Japan is our favorite time of the year. Here are our recommended activities, events and life information for people living in and traveling to Tokyo, Japan during the Spring months of March, April and May. Probably the most popular months for visitors to Japan to enjoy the cherry blossoms, tulips and hydrangea. If you are planning to visit Japan during the spring with your family and kids, best to book accommodations and events early.

We hope you enjoy our recommend Spring things to do and find our advice helpful! The Best Living Japan blogging moms.

Top 10+ Tokyo Restaurants with Terrace Seating

Eataly Harajuku, Terrace Eating in Tokyo, Tokyo Restaurants with patios, Tokyo restaurants with outdoor eating

Summer has arrive so to stay cool and get fresh air here are our Top 10+ Tokyo restaurants with terrace seating. Water views, city views and garden views all with great food.  We have visited each location and personally recommend. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the …

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Bamboo Recipes – Spring Shun!

Bamboo recipes

Spring in Japan is the season of bamboo and bamboo recipes. I adore cooking with bamboo which is so versatile, high in fiber and low in calories.  Bamboo shoots are a very seasonal vegetable, available in all supermarkets and vegetable shops between March and May. You can also purchase vacuum …

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Top Tokyo Cherry Blossom Locations for 2020

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) are going forecasted to bloom early this year starting on March 14th and peaking on March 23rd, so be prepared with our top Tokyo cherry blossom locations.  We listed the top Cherry Blossom viewing spots for picnicking, strolls and boat rides. Do you have one to recommend. …

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Spring 2020 Tokyo International School Festivals

Over the next three months, there are some great Spring 2020 Tokyo International school festivals to attend. You do not need to have a child at these schools to attend and enjoy global cooking, music and many flea markets and raffles. Attending the Spring 2020 Tokyo International school festivals is …

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Tokyo can be expensive if you have multiple children, but take heart there are some amazing attractions that are awesomely free.  Kids under four years are usually free at most locations, but the list below includes free locations for elementary school age kids and some for junior and senior high …

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Koinobori – Learn, Go, Make! – May Fun

Children's Day in japan, Best Living Japan

I love seeing the growing schools of koinobori swimming in the city sky this time of year. Do you have a koinobori (carp streamer)? I love the colors, the movement and the symbolism. The carp streamers are hung in celebration of Children’s Day which is May 5th.   If you have …

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Golden Week 2019: Top 10 Things to do in Tokyo

Boys Day Best Living Japan

Golden Week 2019! Here are our Top Recommended Events and Activities for this special 10-Day GW Holiday which begins on Saturday, April 27th and runs through Monday, May 6th. Venture out and enjoy the many international food and cultural festivals. Here is also our recommended list of kid-friendly museum exhibits for …

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Guide To Japanese Air Purifiers

Guide To Japanese Air Purifiers

Air purifiers  (空気清浄機/くうき せいじょう き/kuuki seijyou ki ) improve the air quality in your home or office by filtering out pollutants like dust, smoke, pet dander, and pollen. Some air purifiers in Japan also double as humidifiers (加湿器/かしつき/kashitsuki). With Spring underway, you may be searching for an air purifier. This is …

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Tokyo & Kyoto Cherry Blossom Illuminations 2019

Tokyo Family Activities

Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom over the next two weeks. We love taking morning walks under the cherry blossoms, but nothing beats the evening illuminated petals of white and pinks against the dark sky. Grab a plastic sheet to throw on the ground, your jacket and some warming …

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